Fridge / American Beauty

Fridge Brilliance

  • Lester Burnham = Humbert Learns. Literally floored me when I learned it. In 2012.
  • The beer scene. Lester and Carolyn make out in the living room, but before it progresses to sex, she chides him for nearly spilling his beer on the couch, and he utterly blows up at her for being so materialistic. The fact that neither of them could just set the beer aside and get back to making love was exactly what was wrong with their marriage.

Fridge Horror

  • Assuming, of course, Frank gets caught, but if he ever did, what would happen to Barbara? The woman is a shell, incapable of any thought for herself, if Frank ever left, since Ricky was booted...what would happen to her?
    • There is bound to be a large police investigation, and it won't take long for them to find the video of Jane and Ricky discussing killing Lester - such an incriminating tape could so easily be used against them as evidence and in the original script, it was probably the tape that sealed their conviction - the camera was turned off before they confirmed to each other that they were joking. They will probably also find Ricky's stash of cannabis, which will work against him too. Their only hope is if Frank owns up or they find his bloodied shirt - both unlikely (the latter is easily disposed of).
    • I doubt she was like that before the marriage. It takes a lot of effort, but even women who have been brutally abused (as is implied to have happened with Barbara) can make a recovery from the harm done to them. She'll undoubtedly have trauma issues for the rest of her life, but she's not irrecoverable.
    • It is highly likely that, if Frank were to get caught and hauled off, his wife would "come out of her shell", with the lack of the constantly dominant and likely oppressing presence of his. It might take time, but she'd turn out okay.
  • On first sight years ago it seemed that the reason Frank did it was either because he was rejected or that he still believed Lester was gay and had hurt Ricky, just liked younger boys. Just realized it was because he couldn't let Lester live after the kiss, because it meant that someone knew Frank was closeted.