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Film: The Green Elephant
It's all like that, except the parts that are worse. Much worse.

"An underground Russian nasty directed with the feel of an August Underground home-video but the artsy and social pretensions of Salo. Four macho Russians converse in a disgustingly squalid correctional building and abuse each other, each befitting his rank in the military and his social status. The lowest, filthy peasant and military reject attempts to converse and connect with the higher levels but only get humiliation and abuse. One man finds his place through humiliation and subservience, but the independent hero fights the system for his dignity with nasty violent results. The abuse escalates to violence, homosexual rape, coprophilia, and gory disemboweling. Intercut with the movie are some black and white scenes, perhaps making comparisons to civilization. The dialogue is endlessly and absurdly aggressive and filthy, like a caricature of testosterone-fueled males as portrayed by a feminist. A shock-oriented repulsive movie that makes points about aggression, the military and social hierarchies, human freedom and male relationships... but the extreme filth was unnecessary."

The Green Elephant (Зелёный Слоник) is a Russian arthouse gore/splatter film. It tells a story of two unnamed junior officers of the Russian army, court-martialled into a basement, with unfortunate consequences. Not just exploring themes of humiliation, army violence, suicide and coprophilia, but actually showing these things in close up, it's forbidden in its home country from mainstream distribution circuits, but not from film festivals. Nevertheless, it can be easily found on YouTube. However, the main appeal of this movie is not as much in its graphic disgustingness as it is in its weird dialogue and absurdist humor, which is mostly Lost in Translation. For this reason the film gained notoriety, and somewhat of a cult following, in Russian internet, particularly imageboards. Quotes and monologues from the film are often used as copypasta.

Contains examples of:

I'm fucking fed up with your stories, I can't listen to them anymore. One story is more fucking amazing than another. About tropes, about some other shit, squick, the fuck are you talking about? Can you shut up? Became popular on imageboards gained cult following. The fuck? What are you talking about? Shit.

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