Film / Kamen Rider Run All Over The World

Kamen Rider: Run All Over the World is a short 3D film originally screened in the Coal History Village in Yubari between April 29 throughout October 31, 1989. The film involves a team-up between Kotaro Minami's four Kamen Rider alter-egos (Black, RX, Robo Rider, and Bio Rider) to fight against the Crisis Empire. Tetsuo Kurata plays Minami Kotaro and voices all four of his Kamen Rider alter-egos. General Jark, the four commanders of Crisis, and three high priests of Gorgom also appear in the movie, all played by their original actors with the exception of Bosgun (who is unvoiced) and Darom (who is voiced by Eisuke Yoda). Yoshio Urasawa wrote the film's plot.

In the film, the Crisis Empire devise a plan to defeat Kotaro Minami by reverting him back to his old form of Kamen Rider Black and sending out several revived monsters after him. However, Kamen Rider Black is assisted by another RX, who used a time warp to help his past self. The two are joined by RX's alternate forms of Robo Rider and Bio Rider, and the four Kamen Riders combine their powers to defeat the revived monsters.

The film is included as a bonus on the Region 2 DVD releases of Kamen Rider Black Vol. 2 and Kamen Rider Ichigō/Nigō Box set. Both DVD versions lack the original 3D effects of the theatrical release. A bonus Blu-ray 3D disc containing the movie is scheduled to be included in the upcoming Kamen Rider The Movie Blu-ray Box 1972-1988 set.

This movie contains examples of the following tropes: