Film / Give My Regards to Broad Street
And the music never stops.

"It's going to be one of those days..."

This is the only fictional live-action film Paul McCartney as solo artist truly stars in, and perhaps the ultimate vanity film. It is a musical about an unusually bad Day in the Life of a character loosely based on Paul McCartney—but the story continually shifts through different levels of reality.

When it came out in 1984, it was critically panned (Roger Ebert gave it one star) and commercially invisible. The reputation of the film has been ameliorated for fans of his by time; acceptance of Paul's Cover Versions of Beatles songs — it was considered sacrilege in 1984, but we're used to it now — and slow recognition that, while it violates Willing Suspension of Disbelief for most human beings to behave like the protagonist does, it is in character for someone based on Paul McCartney. Even if the screenwriter (possibly) gets humanity in general wrong, he cannot be completely out of characters writing a character loosely based on himself. Real Life incidents from the last decade or so suggest that he was closer to reality than he intended.

Oh, and Ringo Starr is in it too.

Director: Peter Wells. Since he was new to film, and since Paul is something of a Control Freak, it is uncertain how much directing Mr. Wells did.

Screenwriter: Paul McCartney.