Film / Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

In Africa, paleontology understudy Susan (Sean Young) and her husband George (William Katt) discover that the local legend of the Mokèlé-mbèmbé is in fact a family of living brontosauruses - a father, mother and offspring. In doing so, George and Susan accidentally lead mercenary scientist Eric (Patrick McGoohan) and his hired team of soldiers, who kill the father brontosaurus and capture the mother, leaving George and Susan the sole caregivers of the infant, whom they nickname "Baby". They fight to protect Baby from the dinosaur hunters and rescue Baby's mother.

A 1985 live-action Disney film released under its Touchstone label, Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend was Darker and Edgier than most of Disney's fare at the time, but still insisted on moments of cuteness involving Baby. As a result, the film mostly failed to find an audience and is typically dismissed by critics. However, it is fondly remembered by most of the people who saw it as children in the 1980s.

Secret of the Lost Tropes: