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After Death (Italian: Oltre la Morte) is a 1988 Italian zombie movie made during the height of the zombie craze. It was directed by Claudio Fragasso (under the pseudonym Clyde Anderson) and stars Jeff Stryker (credited as "Chuck Peyton") in one of his few non-pornography roles.

The movie concerns a group of researchers who travel to the jungle in search of a cure for cancer, and instead discover that the natives are practicing voodoo and black magic. When the death of a local priest triggers a curse, the dead begin to rise and feed on the living. The only survivor is Jenny (Cristina Caporilli, credited as "Candice Daly" and given second banana on international prints), the daughter of a pair of scientists, who is protected by an enchanted necklace charm given to her by her mother.

Years later Jenny, now an adult, returns with a group of mercenaries to find out once and for all what happened at the site. Little do they know that the original curse is about to reawaken, along with its very hungry payload...

After Death was released in the United States as Zombie 4: After Death, and in the United Kingdom as Zombie Flesh Eaters 3. It otherwise has no connection to Lucio Fulci's Zombi movies.

This movie contains examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Oltre La Morte