Fanon Pokedex / Landorus


Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Landorus. Incarnate Forme [#645-I]
  • Landorus. Therian Forme [#645-T]

Physical Description

Landorus like his immediate brethren; Tornadus and Thundurus, resembles an ogre. Several dirt brown spots appear on his orange Body, with his three horns being similarly colored. His hair resembles a drum, and his body from the waist down is concealed by a cloudy mass. A brown tail as long as Landorus is tall extends from the clouds that hides his legs.

However, whenever Landorus is nearby a peculiar mirror, his body shape changes from bipedal to that of a feline build. This shaped has been dubbed “Therian Forme”, and further research has shown that his counterparts also have other forms as well.

Trainers attempting to catch Landorus in either form has noticed that he is immune to seismic activity and lightning storms, while capable of seismic shockwaves of his own. Further research shows that Landorus is weakened by Water in both solidified and liquid states, causing sim to be classified as a Ground/Flying type. with one type each nulling a weakness that other specimens of the other type would have. This has led Scientists to speculate that Landorus is the ruler of what is known in common vernacular as the “Kami trio”.

Contact with Psychic pokemon reveals that he identifies as Male, much like Thundurus and Tornadus, but unlike most other legendaries.

Lore and History

He is commonly revered as a Fertility deity, It is said that he can ensure bountiful harvests by his mere presence.

Because of Landorus’ role among his trio and his Therian Form, some speculate that he is a rival to Kuyrem, and that the two were bitter rivals. The Mirror, known as the Reveal Glass, is rumored to show the truth, This myth has led others to believe that the Therian Formes are in fact the original forms of the trio and that the other “Incarnate” formes are sealed formes, even though they are equally powerful in either form.

Further supporting the hypothesis of Landorus being the leader of the trio is a myth that involves Tornadus and Thunderus fighting for dominance, until Landorus intervened, ofthen relating to his role over harvests. Some legends, however state that all three are capable of working together, often to cause a rampage and that they can only be soothed by a Meloetta’s voice.

Other myths claim that Ninetales, Vulpix and Zoroark act as his messengers. Either to warn him whenever his brothers are up to mischief, or to warn others in the immediate area that he will battle them. One battle was claimed to destroyed one of his shrines, and that he spent 30 years rebuilding him (mainly due to being distracted by Tornadus and Thundurus' mischief, as well as tending to the nearby filed of his worshipers).

As a corollary to the first myth, another legend states that Landorus has witnessed a giant dragon emerge from a fallen star and that he created the Reveal Glass in a futile effort to prevent the dragon from splitting into three. Sealing himself and his brothers in shame. Some think that Kyurem, along with Reshiram and Zekrom are related to this dragon.

Known Sightings

All known sightings of Landorus, have him only appear in his Incarnate form, and only when Tornadus and Thundurus are in close proximity to him. There are multiple reports of sightings in a shrine close to Undella Town.

Some rumors have surfaced in the Hoenn region of a Landorus roaming the atmosphere in the area directly above the region, however nobody has actually gotten high enough to confirm those rumors.


Like his brothers, Landorus’ dominion is the sky, However he can also unleash earthquakes with his tail or the strong paws of his Therian Forme. He has also been sighted using Psychic Powers, aura based attacks, rocks and powers related to nature or the poison that destroys it. Landorus' servants would also support him in battle with Fire, Psychic and Dark attacks as well as illusions to distract would be opponents of Landorus.

Unlike his brothers, who are unnaturally fast when executing actions that don’t harm other pokemon, Landorus prefers to attack with added might, often without the side effects inherent in attacks that have them. In its Incarnate Forme, he exhibits a frighting aura that lowers the physical strength of any opponents he counters.


Landorus is revered as the “Guardian of the Fields” in Unova, where stories in which he brings a plentiful harvest are told to farmers and that his presence in the area around Undella Town is considered a good Omen. Shopkeepers sometimes put offerings of Rice, and other food at nearby shrines to appease him.

The shines themselves are often distinguished by vermillion gates and statues of Ninetales and Zoroark, often donated or offered to Landorus, and they often hold items like rice, keys, jewels, mirrors, or a bolt of lightning and wind-chimes that symbolizes his brothers.

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