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Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Articuno [#144]

Physical Descriptions

Articuno is a large avian Pokémon that stands taller than the average man. It is easily recognized by its distinctive blue plumage, a crest formed by three diamond-shaped feathers, and the tail, which forms a long and elegant train while the bird is in flight. The creature’s breast is white, its eyes are red, and both its talons and its sharp beak are slate grey. Most notably, when its wings are spread the pinions cause them to resemble a snowflake, and its feathers glisten with a light layer of frost at all times.

Lore and History

Articuno has long been venerated by the inhabitants of Kanto and the Orange Islands as the Avatar of Frost, being superior to Zapdos, Avatar of Lightning and inferior to Moltres, Avatar of Flame. In this way, these birds form a sacred Triad of Fire, Ice, and Lightning that preserves the equilibrium of the world; should their balance be disrupted, a great cataclysm would befall our world.

Articuno is seen as both a benefactor and a destroyer. When it is in balance with its siblings, it cools heat waves and calms storms, and its coming portends the onset of winter; when the balance is disrupted, unspeakable cold and glaciers follow its flight, hailing the return of the Ice Age. Despite this chaotic nature, the creature is fundamentally good, often appearing to travelers lost in the mountains and carrying them to safety with its powerful yet surprisingly gentle claws.

Known Sightings

As it spends much of its time on the wing, Articuno is rarely seen by the populace at large. It was most frequently observed in the vicinity of the Seafoam Islands prior to the eruption of the Cinnabar Volcano; since then, it departed north for cooler climes. It was also one of several Legendary Pokémon to become involved in the Cipher Incident in Orre several years ago; in all the months since, it has not been seen outside of its shrine on Ice Island, apparently recuperating from whatever harm befell it during that time.

Recent sightings have been confirmed within the Johto Region by renowned photographer Todd Snap, whom is known for obtaining photographic evidence of the legendary Mew. When interviewed about the encounter, Mr Snap replied, "[Articuno] seemed to know that all I wanted was its picture. I'm not sure how, but I just know that was the case, and it seemed kind enough to give me the perfect shot."

Diet (if any)

Although the sharp talons, pointed beak and raptor body structure would indicate that Articuno is a predator, the Avatar of Frost has never actually been seen feeding.


Articuno is a unique specimen with the impressive ability to arrest kinetic energy by flapping its wings, causing it to siphon heat out of the surrounding environment whenever it flies. This strange ability is so potent that Articuno is always followed by a rolling snowstorm except in the hottest of climates.

Like most other Ice-type Pokémon, Articuno has displayed formidable cryokinetic powers, such as generating small blizzards, summoning hail, and transforming its outermost pinions into sharp icicles which it launches at foes in deadly flechette storms. As with most other Legendaries, it also displays potent psionic powers, which it uses to increase its agility and speed, throw up telekinetic barriers to blunt physical attacks, and even read an opponent’s mind to determine what action they will take next, and react accordingly.

Additionally, Articuno appears to emit a strong presence of regal might, a trait it shares with its siblings. Simply put, Pokémon who are ordered to attack any member of the Legendary Birds will only do so reluctantly and with great difficulty, as though some sort of geass were compelling them not to lift so much as a finger against them.


While Articuno is a gentle Pokémon that will not hesitate to help those requiring and deserving of its aid, this generosity should never, under any circumstances, be mistaken for weakness. The biting, frigid cold at this bird’s command is more than sufficient to snuff the flames of even the strongest Fire-type Pokémon, and its durable, frost-coated feathers and ability to throw up kinetic barriers allow it to survive even the most devastating assault a Trainer could hope to throw at it.

Attempting to wear down an angered Articuno’s defensive capabilities is even more difficult than simply damaging it, for it can enshroud itself in a potent mist that makes connecting with such debilitating attacks as String Shot or Leer all but impossible. Should you find yourself lost in the mountains during a storm and be fortunate enough to be rescued by Articuno, do the smart thing and leave the bird alone afterwards; if you rebuff its hospitality by trying to capture it, then it will in all likelihood kill you and leave your frozen corpse as a warning to any others who would attempt something so foolish.


During Team Rocket's occupation of Saffron City, the terrorist organization did their best to prevent any information from entering or leaving the city, killing journalists and sabotaging media outlets throughout the city. Despite these efforts, information was successfully leaked that they had taken control of the primary offices of Silph Co., and public speculation ran wild as to what an organization with a history of sordid genetic experimentation could want with the company. The prevailing rumour was that they were attempting to clone a bizarre hybrid of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres for use as a weapon of mass-destruction that they would then hold over the government's head in order to gain control of the nation.

Needless to say, this hybrid creature — dubbed Zapmolcuno by the tabloids and Thufizer by foreign journalists — was eventually revealed to be a hoax, as the organization's true goal was to possess the cutting-edge Master Ball which Silph had just developed; nevertheless, this urban legend has become lodged in the popular consciousness, and probably will not be completely discredited any time soon.

Written by Sullen Frog.