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Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Arceus [#493]

Physical Descriptions

A large white quadrupedal Pokemon, Arceus possesses a long neck that seems to taper into a head. The "face" of Arceus seems to possess no mouth, however it has various objects resembling jewels embedded into the face and forehead. Its four legs slim into points, lacking any sort of feet or hooves. Wrapped around its torso is what appears to be a golden wheel with four spokes sticking out of it. The "wheel" and jewels are reported to have constantly changed colors in battle.

Lore and History

Arceus is a prominent figure in the Sinnoh creation myth. It is said that He was born from an egg emerging from Chaos. From there He created three beings. Dialga, the Master of the Fates, to allow all things to grow and change. Then He created Palkia, the Keeper of the World, forging a world that all things could live in. Finally, Giratina, Guardian of the Between, who created and watched over the world between this and the next.

The world having forged, he created the King of Giants, Regigigas, to refine the world so that He would find it pleasing. Once the Giant completed his work, He then set to work on creating beings that could fill the world.

First came Uxie, the Holder of Wisdom, created to grant all living beings knowledge and place within their world. With its birth creatures began to crawl the Earth. Next came Mesprit, the Lord of the Heart. It allowed these creatures to know love, joy, happiness as well as sadness, anger, and hatred. Finally, Azelf, the Giver of Strength. With it, the creatures gained the will to press on in the strength of adversity.

Finally, His work done, Arceus rested for eternity.

Known Sightings

There has been only one known confirmed sighting of Arceus. Known as "The Sinjoh Incident", it involved the current Sinnoh League Champion and authority on mythology and folklore of the Sinnoh region, Cynthia Carolina, encountering a trainer claiming to have captured the Pokemon. Her description on the incident is transcribed below:

"Well, I was looking at the ruins, you know? It's interesting to think that Sinnoh and Johto have a common history, when the kid showed up. It's weird, I can't remember anything about the kid. Not how he looked, what he sounded like, or even if it was even a guy or a girl! But I can remember the Pokemon that was with him. Oh yeah. Having lived in Sinnoh, you hear the stories and see the pictures. Arceus. I can almost believe he created the world.

Anyways, it was, you know, odd to see a kid showing up in an obscure location towing a legendary god Pokemon. So I asked him how the hell he had gotten here.

"The Unown took us here," was all he said.

Anyways after chatting him up for a bit, I asked if I could have a battle with him. He agreed. But when I sent out my Pokemon, they just refused to fight. One look at Arceus and they just backed off. After a minute, Arceus just stared at them. Maybe using some telepathic communication? Anyways, the point is they agreed to fight after that. I took out my VS Recorder for the occasion.

Well, you've all seen the video, right? I got trashed. A total loss, Arceus knocked out all 6 of my Pokemon. Man... it was nuts.

Anyways, after the fight, I invited the Trainer to come with me into the central altar of the ruins.

Arceus went into the Mystri Stage. A place where people worshiped Arceus. Once the trainer and Arceus entered then the entire thing seemed to turn on. Lights flashed everywhere. And Unown appeared. Hundreds of them. Not just the ones we know about. Unown in characters for languages I had never even seen.

Then... well. I can't really describe it. It was like watching the universe flip inside out and then everything returned to normal except it wasn't. I know it sounds crazy but I really can't describe the event.

Anyways. Once that was done there were three Pokemon eggs. Well, I think they're eggs. The trainer took the blue and purple ones. He then said the black one was for me. Well, it hasn't hatched yet, but I'm kinda nervous what it could be.

And then the trainer left with Arceus.

The search for this mysterious trainer is still ongoing.


Arceus was not observed to eat anything.


Arceus is, by all appearances, an exceptional powerful Pokemon. Of note is a move which Cynthia states the trainer called "Judgement", which involved a pillar of light falling from the sky and creating a massive explosion. Arceus seemingly is able to change its type alignment at will.

Also, it seems to indeed have the power to create Pokemon. Or, at the very least, a few selected species of them.


Considering the extreme rarity of Arceus, it seems unlikely that anybody could run into it. However, be warned, if you do encounter it, odds are your Pokemon will not be willing to fight against it. So take care not to incur its wrath.

Also of note are the human hazards associated with Arceus; the several religious extremist organizations and cults, including a number of sects that broke away from Team Plasma, devoted to worship of Arceus scattered throughout Sinnoh and, to a lesser extent, other regions. Most of them have sworn bloody vengeance against the unknown trainer who dared to "blaspheme and imprison the Holy One with a Poke Ball", so it is highly likely that any known attempts to damage or catch it will result in being targeted by these organizations; while some of the more powerful ones are being actively targeted by the last decade's "War on Terror", the government of Sinnoh refuses to guarantee the safety of anybody who "insists on painting a bulls-eye on their ass", although they are willing to talk about sting operations.

Even with all this, there are those who say that Arceus is NOT the Creator. See the articles on Mew,Ditto, and in the future Goomy for further explanation.


For more details on the egg Cynthia obtained, see the Giratina article.

Written by Pata Hikari.