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A sketch of Palkia drawn by Pokemon Sketch Artist Jane Belen


Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Palkia [484]

Physical Descriptions

Palkia looks dinosaur-like, similar to theropods, bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs. Palkia’s body is mainly a shade of light, desaturated pink, though some have erroneously claimed it is of a purple shade. It is situated with stripes and markings of a more saturated pink, as well as a gray-colored, blubbery underarm and waist. Palkia is also situated with large wings that begin at the base of the shoulder blades which have three large strips that condense or expand depending on the height and distance of the flight. When not in use, they are at their smallest, and appear to be more like decorations than functional wings. Palkia’s arms have somewhat gauntlet-like extended formations and a pink band of coloration at the wrist. Palkia has a long neck that thins out near the chin, a pointed white crest on the top of its head that extends to its wings, two strong horn-like tusks approximately at its cheekbones, and a powerful tail.

The creature’s shoulders are its most noticeable feature, very large and bulky with more weight placed on them than the rest of the upper torso, suggesting that the flesh beneath it is quite vulnerable and/or positioned over vital organs; embedded in the large round shoulders are two inexplicably large, round jewels, similar in composition to the smoothest pearl, and has been observed to pulse faintly with an inner radiance, leading some to believe that the gem functions as Palkia’s “lungs” in correlation with the myth it is most associated with. Finally, the beast’s incredibly durable talons are composed of an odd, flexible ivory of some sort, though it has not been studied thoroughly enough for an accurate speculation on what it is composed of.

It is uncertain how many Palkia exist in the wild, but given the scarcity of its appearances, leading academic theory holds that the creature is unique. Whether it has a sex has yet to be determined, though it does in fact have a loud, booming, telepathic voice akin to someone reading a line of text written in Caps Lock. The voice in question had a deep, yet unmistakably feminine sound, and a tone of voice that demanded respect and obedience. note  Adding to it, the various religious faiths and denominations of the Sinnoh Region consider Palkia to be the feminine counterpart to Dialga, the anima to its animus; as such, the creature has been commonly accepted to be female, or at the very least behaves with femininity, and will be referred to with feminine pronouns throughout the rest of this article.

Lore and History

In Sinnoh myth and legend, Palkia is worshipped as a deity and is known by many titles and appellations, including but not limited to the Epoch, the Spatiosaur, Mother Earth, Queen Regnant of the Eyes, Maîtresse sur les routes note , and Birth. She plays an important role in the creation cycle as described in Sinnoh Legends. She, along with Dialga, was formed at the Beginning when the Alpha, Arceus, fashioned the primordial chaos of the Nothingness into the foundations of the universe. The Original One then did give birth to two beings, these being Palkia, Lady of Space, Dialga, Lord of Time, and the three sprites, Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, representing emotion and life. As Palkia came into being and her pearl lungs first drew breath, so too did space first take shape; and together with Her brother’s power over Time, They wrought matter and created the laws of the universe, fashioning the planets and plotting the ordered dance of worlds and galaxies. note 

Their labors thus complete, the three sprites having wrought life whilst they wrought the world, Palkia and Dialga retreated to the summit of Mount Coronet, the highest peak in Sinnoh, and left Regigigas to craft the landscape for humans and Pokémon to live on in peace and harmony. In their gratitude, the inhabitants of the Sinnoh region would build a shrine dedicated to the two gods atop Mount Coronet, and in the ensuing years it would come to be known as Spear Pillar, the most holy site on the entire landmass, and regular offerings would be made to appease the Lady of Space and the Lord of Time.

In addition to being the goddess and personification of Space, Palkia is also considered the goddess of sight and reality. All things seen and all things to be seen have in fact been seen and confirmed by Palkia herself. This paved the way for humans and Pokémon to imitate what they saw on canvas with paints, chalk, and pencils. However, as the years drew on, Palkia became upset with how they did not see the world in three dimensions, as she did, and as time went on distance and depth remained undiscovered by philosophers and artists alike. Eventually, She had had enough, and legend states that she once came to a group of philosophers to merely talk.

Thus, Palkia taught humankind of all things related to space. She had described to artists how depth worked by making sculptures, and explained to mathematicians how the three dimensions of space played out by teaching them of the distinction between lines, curves, and distance. As She taught them, the Humans wished to know more and more of how space worked, and so She continued to teach them of matter and energy, and enhanced their telescopes to the point where they first became microscopes, leading to the discovery of cells. Finally, she taught them of the Apricorn, and how it could be so small in outward appearance yet hold enough space within it for any creature of any size to inhabit. The Legend ends with Palkia leaving the philosophers to their spoils, and thus, the first Pokéball was created.

Of note is that the myth in question does not originate from Sinnoh, but rather Johto. The initial description of the myth simply used “A great Pokemon” to describe Palkia, but as details were prodded and books on the subject were studied, it can be said with the utmost certainty that the myth does in fact reference Palkia. note 

Known Sightings

Sightings of Palkia have been incredibly rare over the years, with the creature typically appearing in random spots dotted around Sinnoh and Johto without any set schedule; she has appeared most often only when called upon. Due to the rarity of its appearances, Palkia had begun to fade from the memories of the human race, though she has managed to avoid falling into obscurity due to her unorthodox appearances all across the world. Those who know of Palkia only know of her due to her appearance on news broadcasts.

Within the past fifty years, the first sighting of Palkia was on June 9th, approximately twenty-five years ago, when a group of hippies had gone to camp out at the Spear Pillar in an attempt to ‘Be one with the World’note . The hippies were then met with a large storm, and a flash of lightning burst from the sky and the entire camp disappeared. The next day, a report was filed in by a Unovan Police Chief of a hippie camp being set up on the roof of his apartment, and that they had been identified as the exact same group that had gone up to the Spear Pillar yesterday, 15,000 kilometers away.

The eye-witness reports by the group were later filed in. According to them, “An enormous pearl appeared before us, then it grew wings and a tail… eventually it turned into Palkia, and She… teleported us… next thing we knew, we were on the roof of some building fifty stories up surrounded by people and Pokémon we had never seen before!” While the credibility of known drug-users is slim, one cannot deny that they were, in fact, teleported away from their current camp and to the other side of the planet.

Palkia and Her brother Dialga were recently witnessed during the climax of the Team Galactic incident, in which the cult’s megalomaniacal leader and founder Cyrus attempted to enslave the two Pokémon in order to harness their phenomenal cosmic powers and create a new universe in his own twisted image. His efforts were thwarted, thankfully, by the intervention of the Sinnoh Pokémon League Champion Cynthia and a young prodigy of a Pokémon Trainer, who has requested that their identity remain classified, as well as the unexpected appearance of the strange entity known as Giratinanote ; the chain was severed, Palkia and Dialga were successfully calmed from their fury at being used so, and it is believed that Cyrus was pulled into the Distortion World, from which he could not leave and where he presumably died.

Approximately three years ago, a Police Notice written by the Police Chief of Vermillion City in Kanto states: “A wobbling, presumably intoxicated Pokémon later identified as the Legendary Pokémon Palkia was sighted today after breaking into a family home and accusing the occupants of distorting space without its permission, then fleeing in ‘A ball of WTF,’ as the occupants say.” As of this writing, no further information has been gathered on this particular sighting, and no further mention of the incident has taken place.

The most recent sighting of Palkia was at the Spear Pillar, summoned by Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia in order to assist her and a group of researchers in confronting Cinnabar Anomaly.

Diet (if any)

Given the rarity of its appearances, it should come as no surprise that Palkia has never been observed while eating. Although its theropod form might lead one to believe that Palkia is an exclusively carnivorous Pokémon, Palkia has been appeased with a chili dog by Sinnoh Champion Cynthia, an article of food made with grains, meat, and seeds, suggesting that Palkia is omnivorous. While Palkia has not been observed actually consuming the chili dog, it accepted the offer and did not request anything else.


Among its many and varied abilities, Palkia’s most spectacular power is its mastery over the form of space. During its brief appearances, the Epoch has been observed to warp one’s perception of reality; for example, when the hippies were teleported to Unova, what they claimed to have seen was much different from what other observers witnessed. Similarly, when one member of a scientific expedition opted to approach Palkia alongside another researcher in order to record the appearance of both Dialga and Palkia’s dimensions first-hand, the woman intending to study it was not teleported away like the Hippies were, but was instead sent to a television screen in the lab.

The woman has remained in that single television screen for quite some time, and even when the screen is turned off or the channel changed, she is still visible and able to interact with the characters on-screen. The actions of this woman are not broadcasted anywhere else in the world, and the characters from within each channel seem to recognize and react to the woman each time she appears, leading the scientists to theorize that Palkia has indeed created a pocket dimension within that specific television screen. Also of note, the woman within the television screen has not visibly aged since she was placed into it, though her voice has cracked and she has become weaker as time went on.

Furthermore, Palkia has been observed to project an Aura of regal might that makes it difficult for other Pokémon to even consider attacking it, a trait that it shares with its brother Dialga and a number of other Legendaries. In addition, though it is not believed to be a Psychic type, the creature has been observed to speak through telepathy and ‘speak’ every known language, and several others. The language used by Palkia is the language that the recipient thinks in. As time has gone on, languages have obviously changed, and as such Palkia has had a history of probing the minds of the most trusted person in the vicinity in order to re-learn the language. However, as some of these people were not native speakers from the beginning, this has led to some very odd sentence structures in an attempt to keep up with the language of the time period.


As one can discern from the above paragraphs, attempting to battle with Palkia would be most unwise; even if the creature did not simply use its powers to strand one in another place, attempting to subdue it would in all likelihood be out-and-out impossible, as there has yet to be any official typing assigned to it and thus, no clearly defined weakness. While the most common typing given to Palkia is Water/Dragon, likely due to the source of the common pearl being sea mollusks, Palkia has not been observed to do anything even remotely related to water. Therefore, your best bet is to grab the most powerful Dragon Type you can find and cross your fingers.

During the climax of the Team Galactic Crisis, Palkia was observed to demonstrate a wide array of attacks utilizing both its deadly claws and the manipulation of various forms of energy; for example, it was able to slash its claws through even the densest of substance, smash Pokémon with its mighty tail, lift rocks and sculptures and various other items up with its brute strength and toss it farther than it was tall, cause rifts in the geometries of distance to teleport, and project beams of focused light from its eyes or toss orbs of pure spatial energy at an opponent.

Its most dangerous ability by far, however, is the devastating attack which more poetic members of the scientific community have dubbed the Spatial Rend. During this attack, the Epoch lifts its arm and uses its spatial powers to collect a large quantity of neutrons and Aura of neutral polarity from the surrounding environment, wrapping it around one of its hands like a glove; as the glove grows in power and focuses on Palkia’s fist, the pearls embedded into its shoulders will glow a brilliant, blinding shade of bright pink. Once the creature has collected enough neutrons, it releases them in an impossibly hard punch that has been observed to vitrify any inorganic substance it makes contact with; the object hit is then seen to change into several different objects, one recording of this showing a Galactic Grunt become a hunk of cheese, a bowl of petunias, Rayquaza, a bucket of water, a Sharpedo, an electrical outlet, and finally an Impossible Geometric Shape, before reverting back into a Grunt.

The scientific community believes these anomalies to be a result of the Spatial Rend being so great an exertion of Palkia’s power that it affects several different points in the fabric of space; those struck by the blast may simply be grievously injured, or they may find themselves teleported and replacing several points of the planet, or even beyond the planet. As the Spatial Rend has only been observed during this one encounter, it cannot be said what other effects exposure to such an attack may have in the short or long term. Unlike Dialga's Roar of Time, this attack does not require a cool-down period to recharge, meaning that this attack can be used in verbatim as much as Palkia wants.
Written by Calamity Jane