Fanon Pokedex / Cinnabar Anomaly

The Cinnabar Anomalŷ̵̼͎

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

The Anomaly (#???-existence is debated, unofficially assigned number 000) No other morphs known.

Notable Biology

The Cinnabar Anomaly is a cryptozoological phenomenon. Believed to inhabit the waters surrounding Cinnabar Island, it (or they) are supposedly responsible for the disappearance of several ships.

Even working from vague eyewitness accounts, it is still impossible to create an accurate picture of the animal. Various sources have claimed that the Anomaly resembles a ghost, an animated Kabutops or Aerodactyl skeleton, or, most disturbingly, a massive tower of distorted colors and images. None of these forms have been photographed or filmed reliably.

The exact nature of what this creature is, if it even exists, is still unclear. Some claim that the Anomaly is a deformed, aggressive Porygon, an ancient Pokémon still uncategorized by modern science, some sort of extraterrestrial lifeform, or more exotically, a protrusion into our universe from a higher dimension or even a sentient hole in the fabric of reality. The Anomaly is generally regarded as a myth, though a dedicated team of "Cinnabar Watch" volunteers monitor the oceans surrounding the Island in the hopes of sighting the Anomaly. Even some Professors have contributed to the upkeep of the Cinnabar Watch. Professor Birch in particular has given a lot of time and money in order to keep the project going, and has been quoted in saying that he believes that the Anomaly may be real.

One trainer who claims to have witnessed the Anomaly claims its shape is oddly similar to the shape of Kanto; however, he has since been jailed for shoplifting Rare Candies and lying about how he obtained them.


The Anomaly is believed to inhabit the waters surrounding Cinnabar Island, although similar creatures have been sighted as far away as the Sinnoh region. Whether or not they are the same animal is unknown.




Some conjecture that dozens of Trainers and swimmers are killed (eaten? absorbed?) by the Anomaly without anybody knowing. However, less than five ships have disappeared without a trace or apparent cause in recorded history, and three of those are believed to have encountered navigational failure at sea and were subsequently salvaged from the seabed. The exact fate of the other two ships is still unknown.

The waters around Cinnabar contain more radiation than one would believe. Most attribute this to seabed deposits of uranium present, although a small minority hold that this is a direct byproduct of the Anomaly. The handful that claim to have encountered the Anomaly seem to be mentally unstable; this has cast severe doubts upon the existence of this beast. Some claim that the mere sight of the creature is sufficient to drive one mad. If one is to encounter this Pokémon (should it exist), catching it is not recommended. It is unknown if such a being is even possible to catch, even using the most advanced forms of Pokéball.



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