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Heatran is a very rare quadrupedal species of Pokemon that dwells in volcanoes, indeed, there are only two confirmed to exist. It is a squat creature, no more than a metre and a half long, though by all accounts it appears to be incredibly dense. Its body appears to be made of a mix of a metal of some kind and molten rock, and it possesses a mouth as wide as its body full of huge flat teeth. It has cross-shaped feet which it uses for latching onto walls and digging, and it has a pair of flat, horizontal horns jutting from the side of its head.

With so few sightings, it is unknown whether Heatran could properly be called a species of Pokemon. So far there have only been verified sightings at Stark Mountain, Reversal Mountain, and the Scorched Slab, and though other claims have been made, they are not backed up by any evidence. However, there is only a very small amount of myth describing the Pokemon, and different sightings have reported that Heatran have reacted in different ways that seem to indicate different male and female genders, so debate continues over whether Heatran could be classified as a normal Pokemon or a Legendary Pokemon. There is a single unconfirmed case where a Heatran has been sighted with brighter colouring of their metal and molten rock on their body.

Notable Biology and Lore

Heatran has not been properly studied, so it is unknown how this Fire and Steel type Pokemon functions exactly. The body appears to be a mix of an unknown metal and molten rock. The molten rock is hot enough to partially melt the metal in places, but it appears to cause the Pokemon no discomfort. Indeed, while the Pokemon is partially steel type and one would expect fire based attacks to be at least able to hurt it, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that fire attacks are completely useless against it, just making the Pokemon stronger. Its internal organ structure is completely unknown, however it is assumed that beneath its molten metal and rock armour is an extraordinarily heat-tolerant body.

Heatran has a single story featuring it in Sinnoh legend. The stories state that if a certain kind of Magma Stone is removed from Stark Mountain, Heatran will awaken and go on a rampage. This stone was recently removed. While it is true that Heatran sightings in the mountain has increased since the stone's removal, and it may be more aggressive than it was, it definitely did not go on a rampage. While it is commonly believed that ancient people's believed that Heatran was an incarnation of the volcano, there are actually few, if any texts that state this.

Known Sightings

The only Heatran confirmed to exist lives in Stark Mountain, with other unconfirmed sightings made in mountainous or volcanic regions. Sightings in Stark Mountain have skyrocketed ever since the Magma Stone was removed, with a couple being made per month as opposed to each decade. Given its physical nature, it seems that Heatran could only possibly live in a volcanic region. It may cause catastrophic damage if it were to exist in another environment such as a forest.


It is unknown how much sustenance Heatran needs. It has been observed to crush up rocks and metal with its massive mouth, which seems to be done purely to replace any of its armour that it may lose over time. There are unconfirmed reports of it eating Pokemon, with more reports of Heatran eating rock and steel types than other types.


Heatran may not have flown into a rampage when the Magma Stone was removed, but it is nonetheless an extremely dangerous Pokemon. It is very durable and incredibly powerful with energy attacks, capable of using a wide variety of volcanic attacks, some of which are more ground-type in nature than fire-type. Few Pokemon are capable of standing up to those kinds of blows for long.

There are a handful of recorded cases where Heatran has been seen to use a unique fire attack. Dubbed "Magma Storm" by scientists, it appears to be similar to moves that many fire-type Pokemon use, but it is much stronger. When Heatran uses this attack, it spits out a massive spiralling wave of molten material. Though the attack takes a small time to prepare and is thus inaccurate, the attack causes grievous injury. The spiralling blast also spreads around the target, leaving them trapped in a molten barrier which continues to burn for a while after the attack has finished. Physical escape is impossible, and one eyewitness account states that calling Pokemon back into Pokeballs is impossible as well. As this attack prevents running away, it may spell doom for you or your Pokemon and there may simply not be anything you can do about it.

The only fortunate thing about dealing with Heatran is that its typing, while making it very resilient to many attacks, does leave it vulnerable to water, fighting and especially ground attacks. Using those attacks will allow you to drive it off. It is a little on the slow side, and only a handful of reports mention Heatran using Magma Storm while fighting. If it is not a single unique Pokemon, then it can be concluded that not all of them know Magma Storm. It is still extremely wise to run away, however, and to use as many Pokemon as you can that resist fire while being able to easily strike against it.


Of almost all Pokemon, Heatran is one of the least well known in society at large. Until recently, if you asked the average person on the street, they would probably say, "Heatran? Isn't that that enormous monster that tried to stop those adventurers in those mines in that story?" With the removal of the Magma Stone and the number of recorded sightings increased, awareness of Heatran has increased.

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