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Physical Descriptions
Regigigas is massive humanoid creature standing at 12' 02'' (3.7 m) tall.

Its body is primarily white with strange geometric lines running across its body, similar to the markings found on the Greater Hoenn Trio. Its head is dome-like with a sloping section that tapers down into its torso. Its arms are quite long, extending well past the waist and reaching nearly to its ankles. Its hands, hidden slightly by large rings surrounding its wrists, have three digits which exhibit a degree of dexterity and strength far above the lesser Regis.

Regigigas’ head, along with the rings on its shoulders and arms, are covered with a brilliant golden hide. This hide is nearly as tough as the ones found on Steel-type Pokémon, but Regigigas is not considered such since there is no actual metal on its body. On its chest are a set of three gemstones, two rubies, two sapphires, and two gray quartzes. It’s unknown whether these gems are simply decorations or are actually the creature's eyes. Its legs are very sturdy; they are easily able to support its top heavy body. With them, Regigigas walks with thundering steps, slowly but not so much where it becomes a liability.

On its face, like the other Regis, are a set of seven dots with four of them forming a diamond shape, while the other three form a line on its chest. Unlike the other Regis, this mark is not some sort of universal symbol, though it resembles the Ancient Sinnohan word for "king".

The moss growing on Regigigas’ shoulders and legs was originally thought to have grown naturally on the Pokémon in the vast amount of time it was in stasis. This was proven to be not the case when it repeatedly scraped off the creature’s legs. Each time, the moss grew back within two days. It was then thought that Regigigas exhibited cellular differentiation similar to some Grass-types, and that the moss was a natural growth similar to hair. This was again refuted when samples showed that Regigigas' genetic material and the moss' were completely different. In fact, the moss is unlike any known living strain and is more akin to fossilized species dating back to pre-Ice Age times. The prevailing theory is that the moss is a parasitic organism that has taken root under Regigigas' skin and siphon's off small amounts of nutrients from the Pokemon, alongside normal photosynthesis.

Regigigas' body is entirely organic, unlike its golem-like brethren, it is for all intents and purposes a living creature; despite the fact that it does not need to eat or breathe. Tissue samples from Regigigas show that the creature has nothing even close to resembling conventional genetic material, only previously unknown Organic Regicite compounds. While Organic Regicite compounds are not completely unheard of, in fact such compounds have been recently found in Pokemon such as Vanillite and Cryogonal, this particular species has never been observed before, much less as an effective replacement for DNA.

Lore and History

Regigigas is prominent figure in traditional Sinnohan and modern Arceusist mythology. Exactly how prominent is a matter of contention between the two major denominations of Arceusism.

Gigant Arceusists believe that Arceus was born at the center of the universe, where it created the raw cosmos with the help of its first creations Dialga and Palkia. Regigigas was one of Arceus' many envoys used to tame the wild universe. It took pure, shapeless ether and personally forged it into the Earth. It filled the seas, raised the mountains, and created all living things. The three Regis were its purest creations, living embodiments of this planet's most basic components. Because of this, Gigant Arceusists consider Regigigas to be the one true god and ruler of this planet. To worship Regigigas is to worship the Holy Creation of Arceus.

Coronet Arceusists, on the other hand, believe that Arceus created the Universe from its throne on Mt. Coronet, with its first three children, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina at its side. Arceus first created the Sinnoh region, then the Earth, then the vast cosmos themselves, and finally all the Humans and Pokemon that would reside within it. Regigigas, while a powerful and very divine being, was simply Arceus’ servant and architect. Endowed with the “Spark of Life”, and tasked with pulling the continents in place with giant ropes, wading through the empty seas and trudging through the barren lands bringing life to wherever it went, in the process. All in order to build a suitable home for the humans and Pokemon that would come live on it. The lesser Regis were Regigigas’ attempts at mimicking the Holy Creation, instead of pure elemental avatars. Though they were powerful and wise, they were ultimately outside the Holy Creation. Arceus, in its infinite mercy, allowed them to live and walk among its own creations.

At first, Humans revered Regigigas and his noble children, worshiping them as Gods and basing their society on what they learned from them. With their patronage, the Empires of Man became a great and powerful force. However, Man grew proud and enslaved their Gods, turning them into fearsome weapons. Then Man declared war on all Pokemon, to secure their place as the rulers of the world once and for all. The ensuing bloodshed was called the Great Pokemon War in Arceusist texts. It is said that the carnage raged on for hundreds of years, taking countless lives. The war did not end without the intervention of The Original One itself. It was then the legendary Pact of Arceus was created. Where Humans were to respect and care for Pokemon, and in exchange Pokemon would always be there to help and fight for mankind. After the war was over, Regigigas went into seclusion, ashamed that its children were used to commit such horrible atrocities. The Regis themselves, were said to have followed their father. Though some versions have it that the Lesser Regis were sealed away by humans who wanted to forget the terrible things they did in the war.

Out of the two interpretations, the latter version of the myth is the most predominant; with Coronet Arceusism being the more mainstream denomination in general. While in the past, both denominations held more or less equal numbers of followers and political power, until very recently Gigant Arceusism had mostly fell to the way side. Almost all remaining Gigant Arceusists congregate around northern Sinnoh, particularly in Snowpoint City, and the vast majority of Arceusists are Coronet.

Outside Arceusist mythology, Regigigas is non-existent. Even in Hoennese mythology, which features the Regis heavily, mentions nothing about a 4th Regi or a being that lords over them. It insists that the Regis are entirely human created constructs, made with a combination of magic and alchemy, created for the mythical King Hoenn in his conquest to unite the known world under his banner. Many think that King Hoenn is actually a stand in for Regigigas and that Hoenn’s bloody conquest was actually the Pokemon/Human war spoken of in Sinnohan and Unovan myth. Nonetheless, Regigigas’ discovery sparked renewed interest in Ancient Hoennese civilization and mythology along with an upsurge in Gigant Arceusism.

Known Sightings

Unlike its brethren, Regigigas is assumed to be a completely unique creature. It was found in previously unexplored sections of Snowpoint temple; untouched by humans for hundreds, if not thousands of years. At the bottom floor, with the prescience of the three lesser Regis, a giant effigy of the creature came to life. With its awakening, and subsequent capture, three previously unremarkable ruins opened up across the Sinnoh region. Revealing a 3rd set of Lesser Regis, in addition to the trio owned by Pyramid King Brandon and the set discovered in Hoenn. This revelation has sparked a massive worldwide search of similar ruins by Trainers and Archaeologists alike, in hopes of finding additional specimens.

The discovery of Regigigas itself has caused severe religious backlash across Sinnoh. Gigant Arceusists were overjoyed at the sight of their god, the ensuing jubilation, bordering on hysteria, lasted for weeks. The same cannot be said for Coronet Arceusists, many thousands had crisis of faith, several converted to Gigant Arceusism, some extremists thought that this was a herald of the End Times, and others flat out denied that Regigigas’ existence.


Regigigas’ most obvious, and by far its most famous trait, is its titanic strength. Regigigas has been shown to be able to lift hundreds of tons, crush reinforced concrete with its bare hands, and punch through the 3-feet thick steel-plating with ease. Its strength was so revered that one of its prevailing myths points to it towing the continents with a simple rope.

Like the lesser Regis, Regigigas proves capable of manipulating electricity, heat, psionic waves, and , to a limited extent, Obscura. However, the creature mostly just uses these abilities to compliment its sheer physical power, and therefore does not seem to be able to use them to as a sophisticated level as Regice. Furthermore, it does not appear to have the ability to detonate itself as a last resort, and it seems to be rather uncomfortable with the notion.

Unlike the robotic-like Regis, Regigigas is a completely sentient being, fully capable of speech and complex thought. While it does not have a mouth to speak in the conventional sense, Regigigas can communicate like several other Legendary Pokémon. By psychically vibrating air particles, it can mimic the sounds of human speech. The result is a sophisticated psychic voice in a deep bass, with a strange echoing, almost mechanical sounding filter, and a slight northern Sinnoh accent. It speaks with archaic diction, laced with the type of intelligence that give the modern speaker the impression that they are speaking with a being of unparalleled wisdom accumulated over unfathomable eons.

Bizarrely, as erudite as Regigigas can be, it experiences bouts of Dementia-like symptoms whenever it is brought out of any sort of stasis (sleep, Pokeball, etc.) It exhibits greatly altered speech patterns, such as speaking in riddles, shifting to long dead languages and back, slowed or nonsensical speech akin to binary, extremely severe stuttering, and strange diction. Furthermore, it experiences severe lapses in memory and awareness, often forgetting names and constantly asking what the time and years is. This state also affects its physical capabilities as well.

During this state, dubbed Slow Start, Regigigas’ movements become very sluggish and awkward. Its gait becomes clumsy, and its massive strength is greatly reduced. This is most obvious in combat, where it operates at approximately half its full power while in Slow Start. Fortunately, the Slow Start state is temporary, lasting anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes before regaining lucidity, and in battle, it gains a sudden burst in strength and agility. However, these symptoms always appear after Regigigas has been put into any kind of stasis, no matter how short the duration. For example, if Regigigas was placed into its Pokeball while lucid, then immediately brought back out, the effects of Slow Start would appear as normal. Furthermore the length of time Regigigas was put into stasis has no effect on the time it takes for Slow Start to wear off. In a bout of lucidity, Regigigas was asked what exactly Slow Start was and why it occurs, Regigigas became very evasive and refused to answer the question, becoming rather incensed when pressed. The prevailing theory is that Slow Start is some sort of mental block imposed on Regigigas by an unknown source, for an unknown reason.


Regigigas’ strength is absolutely immense, even by Pokemon standards. It very well has the potential to kill any human hundreds of times over. Fortunately, Regigigas has proven to be an incredibly patient and restrained creature, lucid or otherwise, with an exceptional grasp on its own power. However, that does not mean that one should take advantage of that patience. Regigigas has never been seen truly enraged, and one can scarcely image what would happen if it was.

In battle, Regigigas is a totally different animal. As said before, Regigigas heavily favors close combat, it often uses bone-crushing punches, sometimes wreathing its fists with psychically-ignited fire, electricity or heat leeching effects. Barring that, it may resort to cruder methods, such as smashing its opponents under its massive legs, or crushing them under the entirety of its form in a devastating body slam. Though, by far its favorite technique is to grab its opponents and squeeze with the force of an industrial press. This simple but brutal technique, named Crush Grip, has enough crushing power to shatter the outer hide of a Golem with ease.

Suffice to say, most Pokemon have no chance at standing up to Regigigas in close quarters combat. It must be said, that any opponent must keep out of its reach. While Regigigas is not completely incapable of ranged combat, it is largely limited to streams of electricity, burst of concentrated plasma, beam attacks, and mind numbing Obscura-based rays. While powerful, these techniques are far weaker than Regigigas’ physical attacks.

The greatest hinderance Regigigas has against it is Slow Start. Its greatly reduced fighting strength can be easily taken advantage of, at the cost of making the fight a race against time. Regigigas must be taken out before the effects of Slow Start can wear off or most opponents lose any hope of defeating it. Fortunately, despite Regigigas’ mishmash of traits, it has the strengths and weaknesses analogous to Normal types. Therefore, quick and powerful Fighting type attacks are the best weapons against it.

In Popular Culture

Aside from Arceusist circles, Regigigas has very little presence in modern culture. Even within Coronet Arceusism, Regigigas’ role is vastly downplayed. Often being portrayed as a mere servant, and given very little credit in the Genesis myth in favor of Dialga and Palkia. Some versions of Coronet texts omit Regigigas entirely. It is not known if this downplaying is an intentional act of defiance against Gigant Arceusism, but due to past friction between the two denominations, this is not unlikely.

Outside Arceusism, Regigigas fares even worse. To the world at large, the Regis are one of the least known Legendary Pokemon out there. Even in Hoenn, the only other region besides Sinnoh to feature the Regis, they are still relatively minor figures in the mythology. Regigigas itself is a complete non-entity. In other regions, the Regis as a whole are completely unheard of, in favor of local legends.

Before its recent discovery, Regigigas was only widely known by Gigantics, historians, and mythology aficionados. The latter often calling Regigigas “The Forgotten God”.

Today, with the existence of the Regis out in the open, while interest among trainers and archaeologists is high. Depictions in mass media are, however, still quite rare.


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