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Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Shaymin Land Forme [492-L]
  • Shaymin Sky Forme [492-S]

Physical Descriptions

Shaymin is a name used to describe two formes of a single Pokémon. The two were first thought to be different Pokemon, but are now known to be differing versions of the same creature.

The Land Forme stands as one of the smallest Pokémon known (and the smallest Legendary species known at the time of writing), standing at all of 0.2 meters in height and weighing slightly over 2 kilograms. It is covered in white fur all across its body except for its back, which was thought to be covered in green fur, but is now known to be covered in moss. The moss appears to grow directly from the Pokemon's back, and was theorized to be a parasitic organism. This theory was disproven by the observations of Prof. Oak, who has shown instead that Shaymin and the moss have a symbiotic relationship, much like the moss and fungus in a lichen. On the two sides of Shaymin's head are a single pink flower with two leaves. These flowers are also capable of growing from its back when the creature feels comfortable and retracting when it is frightened, which has led some to conclude that the flowers may be connected with Shaymin's nervous system. It is, however, unknown how the flowers react when Shaymin feels other emotions, such as anger.

The Sky Forme (so called because it has the ability to fly; also dubbed 'Skymin') is seen only when the Land Forme is in the presence of the Gracidea flower during the day. It has double the height and more than double the mass of its land-bound counterpart, and has been likened to a miniature Stantler. The moss has moved entirely from its back and now grows from both its lower legs in a fine coating and head in a mohawk-like fashion. The mohawk has been thought to act as a fin and add to stability in flight. Large ear-like wings grow from its head, each spanning the length of its body, and two red flower petals half the length of its body protrude from its neck. Said petals are not known to serve a non-decorative purpose.

Neither forme is known to evolve into or from any Pokémon, and whether or not Shaymin has a gender is still unknown. Some have guessed that Shaymin might reproduce as certain plants do, but not enough wild Shaymin have been observed to draw significant evidence supporting this idea. It is known, however, that at least five Shaymin currently exist in the wild, including the one discovered by Oak at the so-called Flower Paradise.

Lore and History

Shaymin's role in the Sinnoh creation myth is completely unknown, and it is not featured in any other region's myths at all. However, it is thought to be the cause of the vast flower fields seen in both Floaroma Town and on the Flower Paradise.

According to legend, Floaroma Town used to be a desolate area where not even flowers would grow. But one day, a woman prayed her thanks for the blessings of nature and suddenly, flowers began blooming everywhere. As Shaymin is both telepathic and can feel the gratitude of others, if one had been passing nearby, it would be likely to respond to that prayer and induce floral growth by clearing pollutants from the air.

It was also noted by Prof. Rowan that permanent human resettlement of the areas currently known as Floaroma Town and Floaroma Meadow coincides with a period of time immediately following a significant drop in volcanic activity in Sinnoh's vast mountainous region, a period that continues to this day. As such, the pollutants in question are theorized to be sulfurous toxic gases. Support for this theory increased when volcanic ash was discovered under the flowers in Floaroma Meadow. The most likely explanation for the myth is that migrating Shaymin settled down in the town shortly after humans did once volcanic activity calmed, and the Shaymin caused an unrelated floral bloom as they cleared volcanic gases drifting in from Sinnoh's mountains.

Explanations for the Flower Paradise, residing on an island far to the North of even Snowpoint city, vary. Some hold that is the original home of the Shaymin, created for them by Arceus, while others hold it is merely the remains of a far larger island, which was torn apart by volcanic and tectonic activity. Said larger island has been dubbed Gracidea, after the flower. A third group claims that Shaymin migrated to the island from the Floaroma Meadow after discovering the Gracidea and becoming Skymin, but evidence for this is lacking. In either case, a warm ocean current has been detected running near the island, which would partially explain how flowers could survive so far north.

Strangely, there are absolutely no mentions of the Sky Forme in any myths at all, having been discovered by Oak and an undisclosed trainer. One would think that a flying miniature plant-deer would get more attention, but it was probably overshadowed by its larger contemporaries. Additionally, the Gracidea flower was identified only within the past fifty years and Shaymin only transforms with prolonged exposure to the flower.

Known Sightings

At the Flower Paradise, Oak discovered several wild Shaymin, and began observing them along with an unknown trainer, after the two gave thanks for all their experiences with Pokémon thus far. Oak heard about the island from Professor Rowan, who was unable to investigate the island himself, and Rowan learned of it after talking to the citizens of Floaroma Town. How the citizens of the land-locked Floaroma Town could possibly have learned about the distant island is still under heavy debate, but Skymin are suspected to be involved, as Gracidea flowers grow in the Floaroma Meadow.


The Land Forme is known to like eating sweet things, after the unknown trainer fed a wild Shaymin some Poffin. Being symbiotic with a plant, it may not need to eat at all, but has been seen eating berries in the wild.


Shaymin are known to be telepaths and have the ability to clear pollution from the air, much as Suicune does with lakes. When in Land Forme, Shaymin will breathe in the polluted air and seemingly filters the pollutants into its moss, which will then break down the pollutants into simpler and less harmful compounds. It will then violently expel these compounds in a single explosive burst. This attack has been dubbed the 'Seed Flare' as Oak has determined that Shaymin carries seeds in its moss, and will send these out in an arc with the blast.

Standing next to a Shaymin while this occurs is highly dangerous, as Oak has noted that Shaymin are not capable of targeting the attack. The explosion also generates a damaging shockwave, combined with a sharp burst of light and super-heated steam. The only known warning sign of an imminent Seed Flare is a color change of Shaymin's flowers from pink to purple/black. The color will depend on the severity and complexity of the toxins broken down, and a darker color results in a stronger blast.

When Skymin use Seed Flare, the pollutants are instead absorbed into the flower petals, and these will darken in color corresponding to the strength of the coming attack. Despite having less moss growing on its body in Sky Forme, no power seems to be lost when comparative amounts of toxins are absorbed by the two formes., though Skymin’s moss has been noted to be more dense than normal moss.

Land Forme Shaymin will transform into Skymin only in the presence of the Gracidea flower during the day, and will transform back at night or when frozen. The species is also rumored to have empath abilities, but those likely are just an extension of the telepathy.


Despite their size and cuteness, Shaymin are not Pokemon to be taken lightly. While the Land Forme is timid and will prefer to hide rather than engage in a fight, the Sky Forme is much more courageous and is much more likely to defend itself with powerful attacks such as Seed Flare, Leaf Storm, Air Slash and Energy Ball. Additionally, their mix of telepathy and speed allow Skymin to dodge all but the swiftest blows, and deal out heavy blows of their own, despite their small size.


In addition to seeds, Shaymin will sometimes carry around Lum berries in its moss.

Written by Mystic Kenji.

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