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Not from Archie and Horatio's epic "drinking Portsmouth dry" party. Notice Mr Bush.

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Authors and webpages

Archieology 101 by Catherine
  • Recommended by X Fllo
  • Synopsis: An academic symposium dedicated to the character Archie Kennedy. The aim of the webpage is to study and appreciate Archie, explore his origins and development as a television character with special regard for his status of a Breakout Character, to recommend his many subsequent literary manifestations, and to admire and discuss his many charms. Fair share of snarky commentary.
  • Comments: Very informative and excellent, excellent fun. The web design is dated, but the contents are amazing.
  • Tags: Gushing About Characters You Like, MST

Blower vs. Bush ''Blower vs. Bush'', series 1, episode 2note  by the collaborative efforts of Sarmatae 1, ladyyurico1, Esther Goldfinch, ArchieGirl, conanthebarbie, Mare 416, kkbronson, pligie and dancingelf1988
  • Recommended by X Fllo
  • Synopsis: Three attractive lieutenants strive to gain the title of The Hottest Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, and must deal with hardships like interference from their superiors, time travel, dark forces, their own superhero alter egos, and much, much more. The show features characters from all three instalments of Hornblower, but Horatio Hornblower, William Bush and Archie Kennedy are the most prominent. The authors seem to be slightly partial to Team Bush, but will the battle ever be resolved?
  • Comments: Three seasons of slightly twisted, yet hilarious adventures of Blower, Bush and Archie, presented in a captivating format of YouTube video re-cuts. Unfortunately, it suffers from Missing Episodes, but the story line is still comprehensible.
  • Tags: Fan Vid (re-cuts), Gen Fic, Crossover, Affectionate Parody, Estrogen Brigade (unashamedly) and very rarely Slash

"Horatio Hornblower Gallery" by Robin at her page RToon's Looney, hosted by
  • Recommended by X Fllo
  • Comments: Wonderfully detailed screen caps in excellent quality with funny file names and MST-like commentary. Sorted by episodes and by characters. Occasionally, musical background is recommended to enhance the viewing experience. Author's words: "The most attractive little screengrab galleries you could ever hope to find. And I'm happy to say that I took all of them."
  • Tags: MST, Gushing About Characters You Like

"Horatio Hornblower: Reviews" by FlirtyFroggy at Backup link.
  • Recommended by X Fllo
  • Comments: Both affectionate and snarky reviews/commentaries on five episodes of Hornblower, very much Archie-centric, but with lots of love for Captain Pellew, Major Edrington, Matthews and Horatio. As the author put it: "I mock because I care."
  • Tags: MST, Gushing About Characters You Like

Two Evil Monks on Hornblower by Two Evil Monks ephian and KueiLuola
  • Recommended by X Fllo
  • Comments: Excellent fan page with information about Hornblower films, characters, recaps and picture spams of the first six movies with words of love, wisdom and snark. Their fan speak is very close to TV Tropes. Highly amusing. Authors' introductory words: "In the time known as the Dark Ages, monks were the ones responsible for copying and illustrating books. In our modern cybernetic times, Two Evil Monks continue that tradition of "illumination", preserving words and pictures on these web pages for the enjoyment of others."
  • Tags: MST

Fan Vids

"Brokeback Hornblower" by acoupleanutcases
  • Recommended by X Fllo
  • Synopsis/Comments: Very fine editing. The video uses well-selected dialogue and scenes from all three series. The combination with music from Brokeback Mountain is captivating and simply a good fit. Very enjoyable. Fun even for no Ho Yay fans.
  • Pairing: Horatio/Archie
  • Tags: Slash

"Eurovision Songfestival -- Special Guest Episode" of the Blower vs. Bush series by pligie
  • Recommended by X Fllo
  • Synopsis: Lieutenants Hornblower, Bush and Kennedy are sent by Captain Pellew to travel to year 2008 and participate in Eurovision Song Festival, representing Wales, England and United Kingdom respectively. Only hot people win this show, so obviously they cannot resist the chance to have all Europe judging their hotness, which might finally resolve their conflict.
  • Comments: Extremely hilarious video with a cracker of a punchline, featuring singing performance by young-young Ioan Gruffudd in cute Welsh which is obviously something between an Old Shame and an endearing childhood memory for older-but-still-very-young Ioan who later sings some more. Very adorable part from a funny series.
  • Tags: Fan Vid, Crossover with Eurovision Song Contest, Parody

"Fav Hornblower Scenes" by Makani, compiled by Kitty Hawk
  • Recommended by X Fllo
  • Comments: A very fine selection of funny moments from the second and third series. Some of them were funny intentionally. Some of them were funny accidentally. The author's comments and title cards are priceless.
  • Tags: MST, Funny Moments

"Hornblower Spoof" by acoupleanutcases
  • Recommended by X Fllo
  • Synopsis: Horatio is worried about his emo boyfriend Archie, who is ill. Hunter judges them for being gay, but he still enjoys watching. Archie gets anxious about a mysterious lady and thinks Horatio might be involved with her. Horatio gets drunk. Cut to the Renown days. Our guys enjoy watching some sexy action, but later Horatio tops it. Captain Sawyer disapproves and puts Horatio to irons. Horatio is then either sent to a mission, or he might have deserted.
  • Comments: Hilarious parody, making fun especially of Ho Yay and Mr Fanservice-y moments. The cuts are from "The Duchess and the Devil", "Mutiny" and "Retribution". Pity that it isn't longer.
  • Pairing: Archie/Horatio, possibly One True Threesome Archie/Horatio/Mr Bush
  • Tags: Affectionate Parody, Slash, Breaking the Fourth Wall

General Fanfiction

Astra Major by FlirtyFroggy
  • Recommended by X Fllo
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Archie Kennedy is transferred to a weird place and keeps waiting for his doppelgänger. Later he is joined by his friend Horatio Hornblower, and they keep waiting together. Horatio wonders if they are still alive and what kind of strange level of existence they are on.
  • Comments: Jamie Bamber was once informed by his fans that they liked to live in a fantasy world where Archie had not in fact die, and he was asked about his theory on how Archie had survived his seemingly-fatal wound. Jamie replied: "So when they carried his corpse away, aliens came down and resuscitated him, and now he's living on Astra Major in some other galaxy. And maybe Lee Adama will come across him, and asks: 'What the hell is going on with you, Arch?'" This answer inspired the author to write her story. Several readers expressed its affinity to Waiting for Godot, which she originally had not read and was later freaked out by the similarity. Very well written short story with other-world-y feel.
  • Tags: Gen Fic, Fix Fic, Doppelgänger Crossover, Crossover with Battlestar Galactica (2003)

Leave a Mark by KarasBroken
  • Recommended by X Fllo
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Prequel to "The Even Chance". Midshipman Jack Simpson, a sadistic abuser, reflects on his relationship to Midshipman Archie Kennedy.
  • Comments: Very dark, very touching and very sad story, involving Rape as Drama and Rape as Backstory and other disturbing tropes. Does not violate the code for fanfic recommendations as Archie was about sixteen at this point of the story. Might be consistent with Canon. Very discomforting, yet absorbing story. The author has written other stories and all are fairly well-written and consistent with each other, but this one is top-notch fiction.
  • Tags: Dark Fic

Shipping Fic

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