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Fanfic: The Return Of Dani Phantom
Fan Fic: The Return of Dani Phantom

About 2 years after Phantom Planet, Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom is an internationally recognized hero. Unfortunately for him, he still has enemies...however, he also has Danielle "Dani with an I" Phantom to watch his back.

The Return of Dani Phantom opens with Dani flying through the sky and getting shot down with an anti-ghost weapon that disables her ghost powers by the Guys in White. She is rescued by Danny's friend Wulf and eventually makes her way to Amity Park where she reunites with Valerie and discovers that Danny, his family and his friends are all missing. She and Wulf go to rescue them...and that's just the beginning...

Has a sequel, Clash of All Time that features the return of Dark Danny, Dani being rendered blind and a whole host of other things.

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