Fan Fic / The Padme Aus

The Padme AUs are a collection of 100 short Star Wars alternate universe fanfics, ranging from several hundred to a few thousand words in length, with Padme Amidala as the central character. They were written by MissIzzy2 for the LiveJournal AU 100 community in response to their specific writing challenge, with each attached to a specific prompt from the big table. Most of the final 100 ficlets were written over a two-year period starting in late 2005 and finishing in late 2007; a handful have since been written a replacement for ficlets Miss Izzy didn't like and wished to remove from her Web page, particularly in 2011/2012 when she did a major editing job looking over everything on her website to remove and/or revise it; she reserves the right to possibly replace other ficlets in the future as well (she is currently in the middle of another slower-going mass edit). They are divided into 12 different universes, with nine stand-alone ficlets.

They contain examples of the following tropes:
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