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Fan Fic: Shadowchasers Conspiracy
Shadowchasers: Conspiracy is an in-progress fic from the Shadowchasers series written by Cyber Commander. It can be read here.

Currently, most details about the fic are unknown. But it is set to feature Jemorille the Exile (a character who has appeared in a couple of other fics by the author) in a more prominent role.

A trailer of the fic has been released in the final chapter of Redux, as seen here. Note, that at this point, anything on this page depends on how reliable the information is and how truthful Jemorille, the apparent Narrator is being.

This fic most likely contains examples of the following tropes.

  • Apocalypse How: Parts of the trailer seem to suggest a Class 0 one. (It may actually have something to do with the Field Spells in Philip's deck; the one seen so far resembles the same city in the trailer.)
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: The Shadowchasers and many Shadows have a hard time believing in aliens. Yolanda calls them out on this, but she doesn't really help her case because she seems totally bonkers.
    • Technically, it isn't the existence of aliens that Edgar is skeptical of (after all, the events of Power Primordial provided the Shadowchasers with proof of such). What he finds hard to believe is the idea of an extraterrestrial visitor revealing himself to an earthling and offering to paint her portrait - that is kind of bizarre.
    • Later, Edgar explains that in his long career, he's never seen any evidence of the traditional kind of aliens like The Greys.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • Jemorille has appeared in two other fics as a minor supporting character but plays a prominent role in this fic.
    • Francis, Karl's replacement who was first seen in Tournament of Shadows, seems to be playing a much larger role in this one, Chapter 7 focusing around him.
  • Asshole Victim: In an early chapter of the fic, a mobster named Clement Mc Mahan - a tulgar berserker - is murdered, and given what Douglas finds out about his methods as he investigates, he definately qualifies. (After a waitress tells him stories about Mc Mahan's cruelty, Douglas says to himself that even he might have wanted to kill him.)
  • The Bus Came Back: Several minor characters are making return appearances after long absences, if the trailer is any indication. Sofia, Penelope, Red Feather, and Douglas have already shown up, and if the trailer is any indication, more Shadowchaser characters from previous fics are set to return.
    • The biggest examples thus far is probably, Karl Hudson who hasn't made an appearance since Shadowchasers: Torment, who appeared with a new look in Chapter 7.
  • Crisis Crossover: If the trailer is any indication, then several Shadowchasers from various stories are set to appear, as well as official Yu-Gi-Oh characters spanning from at least three different generations. Whether this trope will be applicable in the fic itself is still unknown.
    • One thing the author has stated is that this fic will, unlike others, reject the concept of a central team, and focus on the Shadowchasers organization as a whole, possibly including other groups as well.
  • Dragon Rider: In the trailer, Judy's D-Wheel turns into steel dragon, which then takes flight.
  • I Was Told There Would Be Cake: And there is, but with a twist. Dugan sends Francis into the Feywild to get a special cake for Karl's welcoming party from a bakery that Bartholomew requested, only for a pair of fey leg-breakers to chase after him, dead set on stealing it. As it turns out, a weird object has been included inside the cake box for an as-yet unknown reason.
  • Narrator: Jemorrile, apparently, who tells the story in past tense, apparently making the fic as a whole a Literary Agent Hypothesis.
  • Predecessor Villain: Five scenes are shown in the prologue of Shadowchasers either apprehending or killing a dangerous Shadowkind criminal at four points in their history: 15th Century France, 16th Century Britain (shortly after the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I), 17th Century China, Germany during the 1945 siege of Berlin, and the American Southwest in 1984. What these events have to do with the plot is as-yet unclear.
  • Shout-Out: In chapter 5, Jabels picks up an order from a company called Copek Industries, a robotics and technology firm; clearly, this is a reference to by Karel Capek, the creator of R.U.R.
  • Special Guest: The trailer shows quite a few important characters from the canon source: Yugi, Kaiba, Jonouchi (maybe), Mai, Judai, and Yusei. Whether they will actually appear is uncertain.
  • Spiritual Successor: Can be considered one to Redux.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Sofia and Philip seem to be presented as this. In fact, this is further symbolized at the conclusion of their duel in Chapter One, where Philip wins by activating the effect of a monster resembling the Egyptian god Shu (who kept Geb and Nut, the original Star Crossed Lovers apart) which destroys both their ace monsters and inflicting damage to both of them.
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