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Fan Fic: Of Gods And Men
Of Gods and Men by shadowphantomness is a Death Note Fan Fic crossing over with Harry Potter. It begins when Teru Mikami encounters some Death Eaters while riding the subway and from there he is introduced to the magical world. He informs Kira (Light Yagami) his lord and master of the goings on. When the Death Eaters target Kira, the Order of the Phoenix unknowingly saves them. Kira decides to "help" the Order, partly out of gratitude, but mostly because the Death Eaters are criminals who pose a threat to the perfect New World that Kira is creating...

Of Gods and Men provides examples of:

No HoperFanWorks/Death NoteOffice Politics
Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark YagamiCompleted FicShadow Of The Valley
Nymphadora Tonks Goes To HellFanWorks/Harry PotterOh God, Not Again!
Official Fanfiction UniversityFanFic/CrossoverOld Meets New

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