Fan Fic / Officer Misako

"Save Soluna city, save the Universe." Kaede repeated, "Before the Marquis strikes..."

Officer Misako is a Troper Work done by the sabrinadiamond, inspired by the online RPG game MechQuest. It is both a Deconstructor Fleet and a Dark Fic, combining Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World, meta-references to horror and Science fiction with a twisty ending... Sometimes it shows elements of Intercontinuity Crossover at some points.

In the year 3008, Misako and her ˇThree Amigos! attend the prestigious Soluna University, run by a crotchety old principal named Dean Warlic. Life is normal, except for the occasional Mecha stomping past, alien invasions, werewolf bikers, the mystical 'Force' and the power of Rock and Roll. At the same time, two band members are preparing for an important concert when a Mad Scientist and the disdained brother 'The Black Prince' who both declare a technological 'warfare' on most Solunian citizens all in the name of "For Science!"! The end of their structured society as the three know it is nigh - as the Mad Scientist converts more of the citizens against their will, into cyborgs...

How are all these strange events related? It all changes when The Hero is badly wounded by an aggressor and henceforth goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, taking up police work all in the name of patriotic JUSTICE!

A human, a Deadpan Snarker Martin and a werewolf hating Police officer, They Fight Crime!... literally!

Read the mayhem here... It now has a Character Page! Yayz!

Here are the tropes...