Fan Fic / Garfield: Royal Rescue

Time to prepare for my British vacation. My only souvenir will be flaming vengeance.

Bad fanfiction is no uncommon occurrence; it litters the fields of various devoted sites all across the internet. Some, however, are so horribly, laughably bad that they gain a degree of infamy within their respective fandoms. Harry Potter has My Immortal. Death Note has Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami. For the Garfield fandom, that fic is Garfield Royal Rescue (as well as all Garfield fanfics written by the author).

Garfield Royal Rescue, written by Shakespeare Hemmingway, is a (rather short) tale in which — like with every other story the author has done so far — Garfield is retooled into a badass of epic proportions, fighting the evil... Prince William of England, to rescue his love interest, Kate Middleton. Yes, really.

What ensues is a very beige adventure that involves Garfield delivering lots of one-liners, and relieving royal guards of duty. Violently.

There is also a sequel, Garfield: Prince of Tragedy: Royal Rescue Part 2, where Prince Harry becomes the new Big Bad.