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Fan Fic: Colin Mallory Series
A series of Sliders fanfics, written in the first person by Michael2, concerning the adventures of Colin Mallory during the events of the fifth season.

The stories in the series, in published order, are:

This page contains examples of the following tropes.
  • Actor Allusion: In Refugees, Natalie Nassau was described by Colin as looking "like that girl who did Noxzema commercials" Guess who that was, and what role she played in Sliders?
  • Action Girl: The native Maggie in the Nazi world of the Unstuck Man
  • Captain Ersatz: In general, duplicates of the main canon characters are these.
    • The native Quinn in Chuck Connor is an exception, as he is more of a Captain Ersatz of Abby Sciuto from NCIS
  • Chekhov's Gun: In False Gods, Colin is captured by kromaggs and experimented upon. This was the foundation of an unsuccessful assassination attempt against the American King Leonard in The Slidemaster
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: The native Colin in Inslider Trading
  • Crapsack World: Colin comes across quite a few in these stories.
    • The Nazi-ruled America in The Unstuck Man
    • The Zombie Apocalypse world and the Kromagg-occupied world in False Gods. A zombie grabs on to Colin just as he was sliding, leaving the zombie to spread the Zombie Apocalypse on a world already suffering from Kromagg occupation.
    • The version of Britain in The Slidemaster, with a government similar to the one in V Is For Vendetta.
    • The Teenage Wasteland in Lost Generation
    • The oceans of Colin's and Quinn's home world were poisoned by the anti-kromagg weapon Voraton KR-17, destroying most marine life. Although humanity managed to more or less adapt to this twenty-six years later.
  • Deus ex Machina: Marc Le Beau was this a few times to Colin, most notably in Junction when he warned Colin that the epononymous device which could make him un-unstuck is actually a device built by the Kromagg Dynasty to bypass the slidecage.
  • Divided States of America: The main world in Witness features this.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Near the end of Happyland, Colin, who was rescued from a mental institution by a religious terrorist group, foils a plot to crash an airplane into a San Francisco skyscraper.
    • In Irish Christmas, Colin is in a world where its version of California is inhabited by a black-dominated society, and where the Irish are required to wear green shamrocks, Chinese are required to wear red dragons, and Jews are required to wear yellow stars.
  • Everything's Better with Princesses: Colin meets one in Chuck Connor, and even has a nightcap with her. Way to score!
  • Explosive Leash: Colin is fitted with one of those in Happyland.
  • External Retcon: Several
    • In False Gods, Colin is taken to Kromagg Outpost One, located in a giant forest which makes "redwoods look like matchsticks", as the girl from the episode "Invasion" described.
    • In The Slidemaster, Colin reunites with Maggie just after the last scene of the last episode.
    • In Colin's and Quinn's home world, the United States of America is a constitutional monarchy.
    • One of the kromagg nations in Colin's home world had remained neutral during the war, and has a representative on the Slidecage Control Council.
    • In Refugees, it is revealed that the Earth Prime version of the United States government had funded research into sliding. When the kromaggs invaded in 1997, several of the scientific and military staff escaped via sliding, including the Earth Prime versions of Conrad Bennish, Maggie Beckett, Angus Rickman, and Diana Davis.
    • The Slidecage was activated on September 11, 1977, the same day Katie Mallory was born.
    • The nature of the environmental damage caused by the anti-kromagg weapon seen in the episode "Strangers and Comrades" was explained in The Slidemaster, the damage being the poisoning of the oceans and destruction of most of Earth's marine life.
    • In Junction, a scientist studies Colin's unstuck condition. He was really a kromagg, and his data would be used to perfect the device in the episode "Requiem".
  • Fan Verse
  • Foreshadowing: In Happyland, Colin's native duplicate had tried to assassinate King Leonard. Colin, under the influence of the kromagg brainswashing in False Gods, tried to assassinate the duplicate of King Leonard from his home world.
  • La Résistance: The anti-Nazi resistance in the Unstuck Man, which included the native Maggie.
  • Millennium Bug: Y2K is a straight example.
  • Original Character: In almost all the stories, Colin is the only canon character. The duplicates of canon characteras are original characters, even if only Captain Ersatzes of the canon characters.
  • Original Flavour: Most of the stories in this series have the basic premise of Season 1 episodes, dealing with alternate histories and societies, except for the few stories where kromaggs are central to the plot.
  • Self Insert: Any character named Michael appearing in the stories who is not a duplicate of Colin's father is this.
  • Shout-Out: Naturally, duplicates of the main cast and guest canon characters show up frequently. There are references to other works as well.
    • The sister Quinn saw in the pilot episode, the one he never had in his adopted world, appears in The Slidemaster as the biological sister of Colin and Quinn who was born after her two brothers were relocated with duplicates of their parents. There are several subtle references to her in the previous stories.
    • Natalie Nassau, who was a major character in Refugees, was major character in the Sliders episode "Time Again and World"
    • Colin has several psychic encounters with Marc Le Beau, who appeared in the series finale "The Seer". he meets him face-to-face in The Slidemaster a few days before the events of the episode "The Seer"
    • In The Slidemaster, Colin visits the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station. Slidecage Control is in Sub-Level 28, which is where the Stargate in Stargate SG-1 is located.
    • A newspaper article Colin reads in Happyland refers to Kelly Wells, Wade's sister who had appeared in the episode "Seasons Greedings". The native Colin had killed her in an attempt to assassinate King Leonard of America.
    • In The Slidemaster, Colin meets a man who can slide to any world by sheer force of will. He is a duplicate of Professor Maximilian Arturo.
    • Colin mentions having grown up with an Uncle Mac. Uncle Mac is a duplicate of MacArthur Mallory, who had appeared in the episode "Lipschitz Live"
    • In Junction, the President of the United States is Jeff Williams, a duplicate of the President in "A Current Affair"
      • In the ending of that exact fic, Colin slides to the "A Current Affair" world, just in time to see Maggie and Rembrandt slide away .
    • The plot of Lost Generation was a Shout-Out to Jeremiah
    • In Happyland, Colin reaches a statue of one of King Leonard's ancestors in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, slides, and then finds a statue of Abraham Lincoln. In the pilot episode, this was done with Vladmir Lenin and Abraham Lincoln, respectively.
    • Gillian of "Gillian of the Spirits" appears in Happyland as a mental hospital patient.
    • The title of Chuck Connor is an allusion to Charlie O' Connell, the actor who played Colin in the TV series.
    • Ross J. Kelly, the lawyer seen in the pilot episode, appears in The Unstuck Man, Happyland, and Refugees
    • A mental hospital patient in Happyland calls himself Vegeta
    • In The Slidemaster, Colin eats at a restaurant called Captain Kirk's Seafood Palace.
    • Also in the Slidemaster, Colin was revealed to have been brainwashed by the kromaggs during his captivity in False Gods. This refers to an abandoned plot thread in the TV series, where Colin was a mole for the kromaggs.
  • Teenage Wasteland: The main world in Lost Generation. Also counts as After the End.
  • The Pawn: Colin, being one to the Kromagg dynasty
  • Those Wacky Nazis: Colin encounters an America ruled by them in The Unstuck Man.
  • Artistic License - Economics: Averted in The Slidemaster, where the poisoning of the Earth's oceans and destruction of most of the marine life resulted in high prices for seafood.
  • Artistic License - History: Justified for obvious reasons.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Colin encounters one in the beginning of False Gods.

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