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Fan Fic: CSI Death By Chocolate
Ten years after the events of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, tragedy strikes just before the first Willy Wonka Candy Emporium in twenty years is about to open in Las Vegas. Someone has murdered 22-year old Charlie Bucket and dumped his body out in the desert, and it is up to the Las Vegas CSI team to figure out who could have killed him and why. Naturally, things aren't so cut and dried, especially as the team explores further into Mr. Wonka's magical world.

Can be found here.

A live reading is in progress on Youtube starting here.

This fanwork contains examples of:

The Crow Phoenix RisingFanFic/CrossoverRuskbytes Culture Shock
Crowns of the KingdomTroper WorksA Curious Island

alternative title(s): CSI Death By Chocolate
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