Cute Bruiser / Real Life

  • Given that the Hybrid Assistive Limb suit can so far only fit shorter people, it's a very good way of giving little women super-lifting powers.
  • Varsha Vinod, 5-year-old black belt.
  • Giuliano Stroe. Just because he's about six doesn't mean he can't kick your ass.
  • Kid bodybuilder Richard Sandark.
  • Liam Hoekstra.
  • Naomi Kutin record holding weightlifter, elementary school student, TV Tropes example.
  • Maryana Naumova, a cute 12 year old who can benchpress up to 80kg (1.5 times her own weight). And she's itching to break that record.
  • Abby Watson, 13 years old holder of eight world records in powerlifting.
    When I tell them how much I can lift, most people say: "I'm not gonna mess with you anymore!"