Creator: Nick Bertke

aka: Pogo

Nick Bertke, better known as Pogonote , is an electronic music artist who lives in Perth, Australia. He's well known for his work in sampling films, shows, video games, and even real life to create works of music that he calls "Pogoisms". He's been making music for nearly eight years now, and is still going at it.

  • His website is right here.
  • His Youtube account is here
  • An "official" fan channel where you can see additional mixes is here.
  • His Facebook is here.
  • His Soundcloud account where you can see additional mixes is here.


  • Wonderland EP (2007)
  • Broken Beats EP (2008)
  • Table Scraps EP (2008)
  • Weave and Wish EP (2009)
  • Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole EP (2010)
  • Texturebox (2010)
  • Wonderpuff (2011)
  • Forgotten Fudge (2013)
  • Fluctuate EP (2014)
  • Perfect Chaos EP (2014)
  • Younghood EP (2014)

His works:

Nick and his music demonstrate the following tropes:

  • Adorkable
  • Awesome McCoolname: Has discussed this trope on one occasion, mainly concerning how his name does NOT fit under this trope (in actuality, he was talking about how nice it would sound on a business card, but still). He prefers a name like "Nicholas Christianson".
  • Badass Biker: He owns a Honda VT 750 motorcycle.
  • Banned In The US: Not his music, but Nick himself, due to not having a proper work visa. He spent three weeks in custody and is now prohibited from entering the US for a decade.
  • Berserk Button: "Berserk" is a bit strong, but please don't send him any requests. It's justified, since he feels he can't do justice to a work that he doesn't resonate with.
  • Better Than It Sounds: A dubstep song remixed from Scooby-Doo, let alone Big-Top Scooby Doo? But Nick, being Nick, made it work.
  • Call Back: A sharp ear (not that sharp, really) can hear the beat from "Perthection" at the start of "Perth Milks It".
    • In the same vein, "Hermione Mix" borrows some nooks and crannies from "Alohomora".
  • Catch Phrase: "Hey there, folks!"
  • Caustic Critic: He really didn't enjoy Zoo Tycoon on Xbox One.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Deliberately Monochrome: The "Wizard of Meh" video.
  • Distinguished Gentleman's Pipe: Nick dons one in the "Wizard of Meh" video. He doesn't actually smoke with it, of course.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The "Splurgenshitter" video told viewers everything they needed to know about Nick and so much more.
  • Everything Is an Instrument
  • Executive Meddling: Currently being essentially held hostage by Disney; any Disney-related remixes have to be commissioned by them, or they'll sue him. This is the main reason his Pirates of the Caribbean remix, "Swashbuckle", will never see the light of day.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: In one of the final shots of "Splurgenshitter", you can see Nick's face for a second or so when he takes off his mask.
  • Gratuitous Panning:
    • The "David" voice sample at the start of "Davyd" repeatedly cascades from one ear to the next, giving off an ethereal yet chills-inducing effect.
    • The "my brain is falling out" sample is panned to the right side the first time it is played, and then switches to the other side the next time. It happens twice.
    • A rather unique variation with his "Virtual 3D" tracks, which are just previous works reworked so that if you listen to them wearing headphones, the sound feels as if it's rotating around your head.
  • The Immodest Orgasm: A rather...discomforting sample in "Skyrim Symphony" has a baritone-voiced man bellowing "ahh, yes". Nick even reuses it several times.
  • Intentionally Awkward Name: "Fagottron", anyone?
  • It Will Never Catch On: Nick was reluctant to upload his track "Gardyn" to YouTube, since people would find it a little... unnerving to see him stray away from his original form. However, it gained a lot of praise, and it even became one of the top 25 videos of YouTube Play 2010.
  • Long Runner: He's been uploading music to his channel since it was started in summer 2007.
  • Lyrical Cold Open: "Buzzwing", "Expialidocious", "Jiminy", "Kadinchey", and "What I Likes".
  • Nightmare Face: Oh so many of them in the "Wizard of Meh" video.
  • Pretty Boy: The man is attractive.
  • Producer Namedrop: In "Muppet Mash", he manipulates the samples to spell his name.
  • Product Placement: Nick and the West Australian dairy company Brownes teamed up to make a track that was something of an advertisement for their Shake n' Shake milk. The final result was "Perth Milks It".
    • "G'Day G'Day" is more or less an advertisement of Whatslively. More considering that Nick went as far as providing more information about them at the video's end, and less considering that Whatslively had simply collaborated with Nick on the song and he wanted to give them some attention.
  • Rearrange the Song: "Nicey Nicey" is a essentially a remix of "Zoo Zoo".
  • Sampling: What sort of sets him apart from other Youtube musicians is his insane sampling skills and his capability of manipulating said samples.
    • "Mary's Magic" has what sounds like a Windows startup sound being played backwards and looped in the background.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Slasher Smile: Nick pulls off a few hilariously freaky ones in the "Wizard of Meh" video.
  • Something Completely Different:
    • "Ingenuity!", which is his foray into Hardcore Techno.
    • "Scoobystep" was his first work incorporating dubstep, or something resembling it.
  • Serendipitous Symphony: More often than not, his works are based around one that is crafted using samples.
  • Surprisingly Gentle Song:
    • "Counterpoint"
    • "Standing Before the Earth"
    • "White Magic"
  • Take That: He once uploaded a video where he advised on how to make music that sells, and it was by all means a well-aimed shot at the industry.
  • The Unreveal: The final shot of the "Splurgenshitter" video features Nick taking off the Darth Vader mask that he had been wearing for the whole video, but all we see in this shot is his silhouette.
  • Title Drop: The little boy prominently shown in "Kadinchey" does, while speaking Bhutanese, say the name of the song at the start of the video.
  • With Lyrics: "Doo D'Doo" and "Mending" got this treatment to become "Mi Angel" (with John Sean) and "Aye Aye" (with Klarisse de Guzman) respectively.
  • Word Salad Lyrics: Some people find fun in trying to find words and/or meaning in the random sounds of the mixes. Nick even says that he only searches for sounds he likes, not actual words that fit.
    • Subverted in "Mellow Brick Road," which has clearer lyrics than most of his other songs.
    • Averted in "What I Likes". The lyrics are very clear despite all of the sampling, and they make complete sense.
  • Word Salad Title: "Splurgenshitter". Don't ask him about the meaning, because there is none.
  • X Meets Y: Todd Edwards meets either Nujabes, Owl City, or both depending on the song.

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