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"When it comes to kitschy 80's icons, none is more kitschy than Mr. T. Anyone who grew up in the 80's has got to have a ton of nostalgic affection for the guy. This is despite the fact that T has no talent to speak of. No, people love Mr. T because he's Mr. T. He's famous solely for his personality, and that personality is completely and utterly insane."
Albert Walker of The Agony Booth (in an excerpt that was probably intended to be unflattering)

Describe Mr. T here, fool!

Mr. T (first name Mister, middle name Period, last name T; birth name Laurence Tureaud) (May 21, 1952-) is an American actor known for his roles as B. A. Baracus in the 1980s television series The A-Team, as boxer Clubber Lang in the 1982 film Rocky III, and for his appearances as a professional wrestler. Mr. T is also well-known for his distinctive mohawk hairstyle, for wearing large amounts of gold jewelry, and for his tough guy image. He starred in the reality show I Pity the Fool, shown on TV Land, the title of which comes from his catchphrase from Rocky III. He's also seen as Officer Earl Devereaux in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and as himself, dispensing advice to the World's Craziest Fools on BBC Three. He's also starred in a few commercials for World of Warcraft and Snickers, and even got his own animated TV show.

Veteran actor Robert Vaughn described T as basically a harmless Talkative Loon on the set of The A-Team. Vaughn said that those tendencies quickly grated on the nerves of series co-star George Peppard, who was famously impatient, to the point that Vaughn thought T was slowly driving Peppard insane.

He's a big Momma's Boy. Just don't try and mock him for it. It won't end well. Also, you are now reading this article in Mr. T's voice, suckah!

In March 2014, the WWE honored T by inducting him into their Hall Of Fame, for bringing pro-wrestling and Wrestlemania to the attention of wider audiences in the 80s.

Mr. T fought cancer at one point, much to the cancer's regret. What kind of cancer you may ask? T-cell lymphoma, fool!

Mr. T is to cool as Chuck Norris is to Badass. He could even defeat Chuck Norris, as shown by the following train of logic:

    Warning: Silly Math 
In Rocky III, Mr. T, after half a training montage and one "rising through the ranks" montage (equal to one-and-a-half training montages) defeated a Sylvester Stallone that had gone through two successful training montages and a championship montage (normally equal to two training montages, here only equal to one-and-a-half). One training montage later, Stallone defeated Mr. T, ergo:
2 x Mr. T > 3.5 Stallone
2 x Mr. T < 4.5 Stallone

Chuck Norris is a member of the National Rifle Association. The NRA considers Sylvester Stallone (as well as Danny De Vito) a threat to their entire organization, therefore Norris considers Stallone a threat, ergo Base StalloneBase Chuck Norris. Granted, Chuck Norris would have the sense to train, and we're not even sure how we came to assume any of this to begin with. Sorry about that, fool!

Not only is Mr.T badass but he's also a Playful Hacker. According to a couple of World of Warcraft commericals, he once hacked the game and created a "mohawk" class. Mr.T's pretty handy with computers, fool, but that did not occur to the condescending director.

Mr. T is an economic index fool! His popularity is directly correlated to the price of gold, the more you see Mr. T the higher the price of gold is. We are not making this up fool!.

Not related to Mr. T. and Tina, or to the late-1970s "Mister Tea" sketch by Father Guido Sarducci.note 

And make sure that, whatever you do, you stay AWAY from Mr. T's BINS.

Now read the article again in Mr. T's voice.

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