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Michael Chabon is an American writer of both literary and genre fiction. He has achieved the unprecedented goal of appealing to both literary snobs who despise genre fiction, and genre fiction snobs who despise the literati. Sometimes even at the same time. He has won both a Pulitzer Prize for Literature, and a Hugo Award for best Science Fiction Novel of the Year.

Most of his books are, in part, about Judaism or Jewish people. He has written Fantasy, Mystery, and Alternate History — and even when he isn't writing genre fiction, he often writes about it.

He also worked on the screenplays for Spider-Man 2 and John Carter.

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Other works by Michael Chabon:

  • Gentlemen Of The Road - A more traditional adventure novel. Chabon himself dubbed it "Jews with swords".
  • Manhood for Amateurs - A collection of autobiographical essays.
  • The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man - A children's book about the titular superhero (yes, really).
  • Telegraph Avenue - A novel about record-store owners in north Oakland, threatened by a megastore.

Tropes appearing in his works: