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Creator: Maddie Blaustein
Maddie Blaustein (1960-2008) was an American voice actress, best known for her long run as the voice of Team Rocket's Meowth on the Pokémon anime.

If you need proof of her talent, just look at how varied her roles just within Valkyrie Profile are; being a male-to-female transsexual allowed her to voice a wide range of characters from both genders (though Maddie specialized in voicing men who were tough, sarcastic, or cowardly). You could have a show with her as the only voice actor, and no one would notice.

She was also Creative Director for the Weekly World News and was herself a former comic book writer and artist. Translator and Localization Director Jeremy Blaustein is her brother.

She fell ill in December 2008 and died in her sleep.

Notable roles by Maddie Blaustein:

Amy BirnbaumCreator/ 4 Kids EntertainmentWayne Grayson
Jimmy ZoppiNames to Know in AnimePeter Fernandez
Mel BlancVoice ActorsBrian Bloom

alternative title(s): Maddie Blaustein
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