Creator: Keith David

An American actor known for his deep voice.

Frequently typecast as a Scary Black Man. Fortunately, he found his renaissance as a Voice Actor, from which he garnered a veritable army of devoted fans.

He is not David Keith. What he is, is an awesome singer.

Also, don't mess with his fries.


Other Work:

As might be imagined, someone with his unique voice is often in demand as something other than an actor. Specifically, he makes an excellent narrator for such things as:

  • City Confidential, the narration of which he took over after Paul Winfield's death.
  • Comic Book Superheroes: Unmasked (a documentary for the History Channel)
  • Empires: Egypt's Golden Empire
  • Ken Burns' Jazz (a documentary series)
  • New York: A Documentary Film (the first three episodes; these were later recycled for the series The American Experience)
  • U.S. Armed Forces commercials
  • The War
  • WWE documentaries and DVDs, for which David has occasionally narrated.