Creator / Evilhumour

Evilhumour is a fanfic author whose earliest published works appeared on fanfiction dot net in 2007. In 2014 he mainly moved to FimfictionDotNet, and joined later the same year, where he would become involved in the community of The Infinite Loops. Some time after meeting fellow member Anon e Mouse Jr., he asked the other brony to beta for him in fall 2016; Anon e Mouse Jr. was later promoted to full co-writer in mid-2017, and began beta'ing all of Evilhumour's MLP fics, including those from nine of the fic universes originally written and posted before they began working together. Evilhumour has also collaborated with the author Vinylshadow and has received assistance from others.

It was later revealed that twelve of Evilhumour's My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fic continuities (ten that currently or will in time include multiple fics, and two standalone fics) were part of an entire shared multiverse; Evilhumour has also written a few works that are not part of this multiverse.

Multi-author projects Evilhumour is a part of:

Evilhumour's shared multiverse - universes that have their own pages on TV Tropes:

  • The Doa-verse (co-written by Anon e Mouse Jr.):
    • Escape From The Moon Note : An alicorn mare awakens to find herself on the moon, with no memory of her true identity. Now, she must uncover the truth...
    • The Mare From the Moon (incomplete) Note : Doa has recovered her true memories as Spliced Genome, a war criminal made immortal and locked up on the moon without her memories of her true self for her crimes. Hundreds of years later, a single act pushes her to the breaking point... she's had enough of her prison, and turns to a desperate means of escape that takes her to an unexpected place.
  • The Pieces-verse (co-written by Anon e Mouse Jr.):
    • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell Note : A thousand years after “A Canterlot Wedding” goes horribly wrong, resulting in the deaths of nearly everyone there, a new set of Bearers are chosen.
    • Picking Up the Pieces (incomplete) Note : Taking up immediately where the first story left off and dealing with the aftermath of the new Bearers' debut, the six must now deal with the aftermath of their victory and complications old and new in their respective personal lives... and the dangerous threats that lie ahead.
  • The Two Moons-verse (co-written by Anon e Mouse Jr. from chapter 14 on):
    • A Chance Meeting Of Two Moons (incomplete): First in a planned series. Princess Luna goes to her private realm to vent after an argument with Celestia. Meanwhile, in his own dimension, Prince Artemis gets into a similar situation with his brother Solaris. Cue complicated relationships as the two counterparts meet and start to fall for one another.

Evilhumour's shared multiverse - other universes:

  • The Blinds-verse (rated M; co-written by Anon e Mouse Jr.):
    • Close your blinds!: In a universe where characters are the opposite gender from canon, romance is in the air, and Rainbow Blitz (counterpart of Rainbow Dash) and Elusive (counterpart of Rarity) need to be more careful about their surroundings before they hook up.
    • A day in Ponyville (complete): Continuing where the first story left off, couples old and new have their own little hook-ups.
  • The Broken Star-verse:
    • Look to the Past (incomplete): First in a planned series. Follows the bat pony Snarling Fang, the flutter pony Tough Love and their journey together as they discover what fate has in store for them and their future foals, the alicorns Celestia and Luna...
  • The Cassius-verse:
    • Cassius's Story (incomplete; collaboration with Vinylshadow and later Anon e Mouse Jr.): First in a planned series. Batpony teenager Cassius, nineteen-year-old son of Lunar Guard captain Cold Justice, moves to Canterlot with his father to live after Luna returns, but finds himself having to deal with some very complex issues involving batpony reputations and his own personal life.
  • The Diplomatic Visit-verse:
    • A Diplomatic Visit (incomplete; collaboration with Vinylshadow and later Anon e Mouse Jr.): First in a planned series. Ponyville is about to get an unexpected visitor - Swift-Pad, a diplomat from the wolf packs.
  • The Galloping Waves-verse (name tentative):
    • The perfect day: Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have a bit of a rocky history with their parents, who decide to make amends by giving their daughters, and Equestria, one perfect day.
    • The Adventure of Galloping Waves (under revision): Years later, Princess Luna and her guard captain Snowcap have a child, Galloping Waves, who is forced into an unfortunate adventure.
  • The Reflecting Shield-verse:
    • Reflecting Shield (incomplete; collaboration with Vinylshadow and later Anon e Mouse Jr.): First in a planned series. Years in the future, a unicorn named Reflecting Shield crosses paths with Princess Cadance and finds herself caught up in some unexpected events.
  • The Testing-verse:
  • Standalones:
    • Survival (incomplete): Over two months ago, an old monster was found and caused unspeakable damage to the nation of Equestria. Now it's up to Luna and Twilight, the two remaining Princesses of Equestria, to keep everypony alive while they try to find a way to fight back against the undead hoard. Can they keep Canterlot alive when so much has been lost already, or will Canterlot fall too?
    • Twisted Fate (incomplete): When Celestia and the Bearers are captured by a dream demon and imprisoned within their worst nightmares, Luna must enter their dream worlds to save them.