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Dan Simmons is a Speculative Fiction author, best known for his sprawling and imaginative horror-tinged Science Fiction series, the Hyperion Cantos. He has also written fantasy and horror, and has won awards for best novel of the year in all three categories.

A common thread throughout all Simmons's novels are references to classic literature, either directly or metaphorically. (Simmons was once a middle-school English teacher).

Works by Dan Simmons with pages on this wiki:

Other works by Dan Simmons include:

  • Song of Kali - A Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane Psychological Horror about a journalist who encounters a cult in Calcutta.
  • The Hollow Man - A Magical Realism novel about a man who's helplessly telepathic, and how he copes with life after his long-time wife passes away and he's forced to deal with the world at large.
  • Hardcase- A hard-boiled detective novel about Joe Kurtz, an unlicensed P.I. who investigates a series of truck hijackings for the mafia. It had two sequels, titled Hard Freeze and Hard as Nails respectively.

Tropes in his other works:

  • Author Appeal: Greek Mythology and the works of William Shakespeare appear prominently in his books.
    • A strong fear of Islam taking over globally, with most people letting it happen, can be found in his work.
  • A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read: Jeremy Bremen from The Hollow Man suffers this as soon as his wife dies, who was the only other telepath he had met. Being around large crowds of people makes him suffer horrible migraines, considering his ability is the equivalent of watching thousands of television shows at once in 3D at full volume with no way to turn it off. The only people who he can be around with no negative effects to him are those who are mentally deficient or psychotic.
  • The Topic of Cancer: The story "Metastasis" is built heavily around this trope. Apparently cancer is caused by a parasitic race that uses humans as breeding grounds. In effect each tumor is actually a larvae that devours humans from the inside as it reproduces wildly until there is nothing left. The parents then come back and devour their offspring for nourishment occasionally leaving one or two to germinate into an adult.