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Creator: Bruce Dern
The cover of Dern's 2007 autobiography

Bruce MacLeish Dern (born 1936) is an American actor who is probably best known for playing characters who are psychopaths or Schmuck Bait. His daughter is the famous actress Laura Dern.
  • He's probably most famous for his role in the adaptation of Black Sunday, playing Michael Lander, the Vietnam Vet who becomes a terrorist and plans to blow up the Super Bowl.
  • He also kills people to keep his space ship from being taken from forestry service in the movie Silent Running.
  • He's Tom Hanks' paranoid ex-military neighbor in The Burbs.
  • If you watched The Great Gatsby in high school, there's a good chance it was the 1974 version with Dern as Tom Buchanan.
  • He also plays a cuckolded husband to Jane Fonda who has an affair with a crippled veteran in the movie Coming Home.
  • In the movie Middle Age Crazy he plays a taco stand construction company owner who has fantasies of breaking out of his hum-drum life - including having sex with a wife who yells 'Bingo!' every time she climaxes - until he does, leasing an expensive sportscar and engaging in various flings.
  • In Alfred Hitchcock's final film Family Plot he's legman to a Phony Psychic (Barbara Harris) as they tangle with a kidnapper (William Devane).
  • He's the voice of Tokumaru in the English dub of From Up on Poppy Hill.
  • In 2013, at the age of 77, he starred in the Alexander Payne film Nebraska. His performance was highly praised and earned him an Oscar nomination.

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