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Comic Book: The Wake
A ten issue miniseries from Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy, published by Vertigo Comics, that weaves across billions of years of history.

Our main heroine is Dr. Lee Archer, a Cetological Vocalization Specialist (marine mammal songs), who has been professionally blacklisted prior to the story's start for exposing an environmentally toxic Navy sonar program. At the start of the story she is approached by the Department of Homeland Security to investigate a new, alien tune heard in the depths of a clandestine underwater oil drilling platform. In exchange for her cooperation, Archer's blacklisted status will be lifted, but that little interests Archer. It's the sound that alien tune that interests her. Because she's heard it before...

The series contains examples of:

  • Eye Scream: A caveman is bricked in for some unknown reason, the walls of his prison filled with drawings of the sea and the mermaids. Using some impossibly advanced piece of technology, he gauges out his own eyes.
  • Hallucinations: Via a fast-acting toxin, the mermaids can make humans hallucinate anything from the ordinary to the impossible, and display some degree of being able to control those affected.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: The ones here branched off from a common ancestor, an "Aquatic Ape", millions of years ago. Where humanity left the shoreline and became land-based, they went deeper instead.
  • Sirens Are Mermaids: It's suggested that humanity's unnamed sister species is the source of multiple seafaring legends, like that of the mermaids and sirens. This is justified by the ear-piercing screech they can admit.
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