Characters / Girlchan in Paradise!!


  • Stock Footage: Most of the time he's portrayed using the exact same frame of animation, and always with the same expression on his face.


  • Not So Harmless: Yusuke getting defeated effortlessly becomes a running gag, but then again he is the one who knocks out Galacticamaru with a single punch.


  • Not So Stoic: Getting called out on his constant shooting of people in Episode 3 finally has him Freak Out.

Green Guy



  • Flat Character: Even compared to the rest of the cast. All we know is that she loves Yusuke, doesn't like Swirly Glasses, and has huge boobs.
  • Supporting Protagonist: Despite her name being right in the title, she doesn't do anything and only makes a handful of appearances.

Swirly Glasses