Characters: Durarara Game Only

This is the game-only character page for the many characters of Durarara!!:

Warning!! The examples below may include spoilers for the light novels, as well as the anime.

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Yoshimune Miyoshi

Protagonist of the visual-novel style PSP (Japan exclusive) videogame, Durarara!!: 3Way Stand-Off. He is described as a good listener, frequent mover, and lover of gadgets.

Chiaki Igarashi

A new character; she is a freshman from a private girls' high school called Elizabeth Girls College. She is the heroine of the game and meets Yoshi Yoshi in Ikebukuro. She has a bright and frank personality.
  • Biker Babe: Surprisingly, she rides a motorcycle.
  • Nice Girl
  • Ojou: She attends a prestigious private school for girls, but doesn't really act like a proper lady despite this.
  • Tomboy: Judging by her fondness for riding motorcycles and interest in martial arts.
  • Tsurime Eyes


Member of the Yellow Scarves. Has cameos in the main works as well.