Characters: Durarara Novel Only

This is the novel-only character page for the many characters of Durarara!!.:

Warning!! The examples below may include spoilers for the light novels, as well as the anime.

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Eijirou Sharaku

Voiced by: KENN (Japanese)

Mairu's martial arts mentor. A lazy thirty year old man who is Mikage's older brother and has a grudge against Izaya. He is also a bit of a pervert.

Mikage Sharaku

Voiced by: Hiromi Igarashi (Japanese)

A character who was introduced in volume 9 as one of Izaya's followers for his new "army." For some reason, she dropped out of high school. She is also a mentor at the gym that Mairu regularly attends, along with her brother Eijirou.


A mysterious woman who works for the "Owner" of the Amphisbaena. She is incredibly sadistic and revels in torturing people, leaving them entirely at her mercy. She often begins with sensory deprivation by covering their heads with linen bags. Her current victim appears to be Izaya Orihara.

Yodogiri Jinnai

Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita (original), Shunsuke Sakuya (current) (Japanese), Simon Prescott (original), Liam O Brien (current) (English)

The former head of Yodogiri Shining Corporation. Not much is known about him. He is responsible, amongst other things, for the incident with Hijiribe Ruri and Izaya's stabbing. There are hints that he might be the series' Big Bad.

Kasane Kujiragi

Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima (Japanese)

A calm and quiet woman who works as Yodogiri Jinnai's secretary.

Lingerin Douglanikov

Voiced by: Shinpachi Shuji (Japanese), Beau Billingslea (English)

The leader of the weapon dealing organization that Vorona and Slon used to be part of. Gets along well with Drakon, Vorona's father, despite suffering frequent insults of his intelligence.
  • Bad Ass: When you can take down at least thirty seven armored and fully armed illegal immigrants with nothing but your bare hands(Which happen to be stuck in a pair of jars), you are undeniably badass.
  • Brains and Brawn: The brawn to Drakon's brains.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: When first shown, his hands are stuck inside jars, due to holding onto the pistols inside. He seems utterly baffled as to how to get them out. But when the previously mentioned illegal immigrants rudely interrupt his conversation with Drakon, he apparently beats them to death with his feet and jarred hands.
  • Dumb Muscle: See above. He only gets the jars off when an enemy that was pretending to be dead attacks him, and he fires the pistol in the jar on instinct, killing the immigrant and breaking the jar. He was about to shoot the jar off his other hand before Drakon pointed out the detail that his hand was still in it.
  • Husky Russkie
  • The Mafiya
  • Those Two Bad Guys: With Drakon.

The Suicidal Girl Mamiya Manami

A young girl who formed a suicide pact with Izaya but was tricked by him.
  • Best Served Cold: She waited a whole year for a chance to get her revenge.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: She appears in the first novel then she reappears in the seventh with the intention of murdering Izaya in the hospital.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Even though Izaya gave her a Breaking Speech, drugged and stuffed her into a suitcase, still wanting to kill him for it seems a little harsh.
  • Fan Nickname: Since her name was never revealed (see below), most fans simply refer to her as the Suicidal Girl.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: She was intending to kill Izaya. Too bad that she merely restored his faith in humankind.
  • No Name Given: At least not in the novel.
    • Has one as of Vol. 11: Mamiya Manami
  • Suicide Pact: Can you guess with who?