Characters: Costume Quest

Reynold and Wren

Twins and main characters. The player chooses which of the two he wants to play (the only real difference being the gender), and the other is kidnapped by the monsters, leading to the game events.


The first friend the player sibling makes in the adventure.


The second friend the player sibling makes in the adventure.


A strange man who helps the heroes. Dorsilla's brother.


A wicked witch who leads the candy theft.

Big Bones

The leader of Repugia, the monsters' dimension. He wants to devour every candy in the universe.


Big Bones' right hand Crestwailer, and main villain of Grubbins On Ice.

Orel White DDS

The main antagonist of Costume Quest 2. A dentist who wants to eradicate halloween and candy from the timeline to create a dental hygiene utopia.

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