Funny / Costume Quest

  • DAD TAX!
  • When calling to the first home for candy.
    Grownup: "Here, take some of this stale, dietetic marzipan I found in my couch. As you try to eat it, think about how bad costumes hurt Halloween."
    • "How do you know it wasn't YOUR costume? Maybe at the next house they'll hate robots but love garbage! I mean, candy."
  • The first meeting with Dorsilla getting rid of you.
    Dorsilla: "What's that? I couldn't hear you over that sudden tornado." *Snaps fingers*
    Reynold: "What sudden t—" *Blown away*
  • When the hero hits their Despair Event Horizon after losing their sibling.
    Reynold: "The one day I care about...the only thing i had to look forward to this whole entire year. Ruined. Mom's going to ground me for losing Wren..."
    Black Cat: "Miaow"
    Reynold: "And now this cat's going to barf on me."
  • When you step in to save Everett from the bully Travis.
    Travis: "You know, I just realized I've never given a wedgie to a robot before. Get over here!"
    Everett: "RUN brave samaritan! He is a fast as he is impervious to reason!
    Reynold: "I am not programmed for failure."
    Travis: "Oh man, I hate nerds!"
    • When Travis tries unsuccessfully to make you stop running.
    Travis: "Hey, you dropped something. I think it was your wallet or something else you care a lot about."
    Travis: "C'mon on. Stop running. I just want to welcome you to town, and to my knuckles."
  • After saving Everett and inviting him to help save your twin.
    Wren: "I'm on a quest to rescue my brother from the monsters — I'm sure you've noticed the monsters."
    Everett: "Shhh...You had me at quest."
    • "I'm the ORIGINAL. And I don't have a clone, I have an IMITATOR."
  • Finding out that Travis may have been Necessarily Evil.
    Wren: "Not so tough without your leader, eh?"
    Luke: "Actually, he was the one who moderated our violent tempers."
    Wren: "Travis is gone! The Neighborhood is free!"
    Seamus: "Actually, since you struck him down he has become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."
    • Or that he's planning on preparing a certain dish.
    Wren: "Where did Travis go?"
    Zack: "I dunno, I suspect he's making gazpacho. He kept talking about something that had to be served cold."
  • Sequel: " WHYYOULITTLE!! "
  • In the sequel, when it is revealed that Future!Everett and Future!Lucy are married...
    Reynold: "Whaaaaaat."
    Wren: "I knew it! I knew you had the hots for her, Everett!"
    Future!Everett: "Guilty as charged."