Characters / Burning Rangers

Shou Amabane

One of two new recruits to the Burning Rangers. Ten years ago when he was a child, Shou was rescued from a fire by a Burning Ranger who sacrificed themselves to save his life. The event deeply inspired him and he went on to become a Burning Ranger, perceiving it as his destiny to save lives in danger, and also to repay his debt to the Ranger who gave their life for him.


After a blaze stole the lives of her loving parents, the young and bewildered Tillis was taken into government foster care. The cold and impersonal environment spawned in her a desire to save others from the pain of untimely loss. Strength of character, limitless compassion, and extraordinary physical dexterity made her a perfect candidate for the Burning Rangers; her new family. The other new recruit to the Burning Rangers beside Shou.

  • Action Girl
  • Break the Cutie: Oh so very subverted; she lost her parents at an age so young she couldn't comprehend what had happened to them, and whilst placed in government care was actually experimented on. But this only strengthened her nature and compassion to ensure no one else ended up experiencing a childhood like hers.
  • The Chick
  • The Determinator: Like Shou, she doesn't throw in the towel very easily.
  • Plucky Girl: Probably the most cheerful member of the team, which is surprising when you consider she has every reason NOT to be.

Chris Parton

  • The Leader: The leader of the Burning Rangers, albeit she doesn't partake in the field part of missions unlike many other examples of this trope.
  • Oh, Crap!: The end of mission 3, when she sees the space space station get absorbed into the colony with Tillis/Shou inside.
  • The Smart Guy
  • The Stoic: Is renowned for staying calm in even the most heated of situations.
    • Not So Stoic: At the end of mission 3, she frantically instructs Shou or Tillis to escape the station before the colony absorbs it and traps them inside. And understandably, she's shown to be in quite a panic.
  • Taking Up the Mantle: Her father was a second generation Burning Ranger who perished saving lives in a chemical plant explosion. Having felt his work was left unfinished, she became a Ranger herself to take up his legacy and continue her father's efforts.
  • Team Mom
  • Voice with an Internet Connection: Guides you through the levels and instructs you on what directions to take.