Characters / Blacklight Retribution

This page contains details of purchasable heroes characters in Blacklight Retribution.

K.Monreau "Grendel"

Grendel is the first hero released for play. A demolitions expert, his loadout consists of heavy armor, a light machine gun and a shitload of grenades and mines. An alternate character skin of him has his helmet and sleeves removed.


A robotic combatant created by ArmCom. Comes with balanced stats, a custom assault rifle and very high headshot protection.
  • Robot Girl: Its initial appearance. A more bulky alternate character skin makes it look more like a man.

J. Vansaint “Viper”

A stealth specialist who somehow connected to OPRL. Focuses on speed, utilizing an SMG and active camo, allowing him to sneak up on enemies.He also appear in the Blacklight: Tango Down comic.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: His alternate skin, thanks to a Stinger Anti-Armor Rocket punching through concrete cover he was hiding behind. It reveals that he's infected by the Sentient Insanity Virus (SIV) that contributed to the entire mess in the Blacklight universe. Not that he cares though.
    • The skin is also named Patient Zero, implying he is perhaps one of the first infected ever and somehow developed an immunity.

S. Bertolette “Duchess”

A female sniper who lost an arm to a Hardsuit railgun round. Her setup is designed to be a mobile sniper with a unique, ridiculously-fast HRV recharge rate. Also the first female hero available in-game.

T. Halsey "Deacon"

An engineer specialized in repairing Scorpion Tanks. Packs quite a bit of armor, a combat rifle, a shotgun and support-oriented equipment.

S. Karalis "Lilith"

A female Hardsuit pilot.
  • Abnormal Ammo: Electro ammo in her TSMG, trading anti-personnel damage for anti-mechanical damage.
  • Death from Above: A36 Brimstone airstrike beacon launcher, one of her depot items.

R. O'Conner "Chronos"

Lightly-equipped hacker. Comes with a Firewall Breach Kit which increases datanode hack speed (useful in Domination game modes), a custom combat rifle, a turret depot item and a HRV decoy.

B.Hinds "Lazarus"

A female combat medic. Comes with a custom burst-fire rifle.

J. Haussen "Ghost"

A mysterious masked sniper.

"White Knight"

Promotional hero available through the referral system.