Awesome Music / Judas Priest


  • While it's generally overlooked in favor of their later albums, Rocka Rolla did have its fair share of awesome music.
    • "Run of the Mill" remains to this day one of their most powerful softer songs.
    • The title track is a particularly fun little Ear Worm.
    • She was a Cheater! The protagonist describes what every person who has been run around on wants to do, and makes it rocking.
      I reached the dressing table, kicked away the door
      I gripped the cold black metal, a loaded .44
      By this time they're awake and they don't know what to do
      I scream you cheatin' bitch here's what I think of you!
  • If we're talking about Awesome Music, we shouldn't forget Sad Wings of Destiny.
    • All hear my warning, never turn your back on "The Ripper". Yes, JP made a song about a hooker murdering nutcase awesome to listen to.
    • Rob's scream on "Dreamer Deceiver".
  • 1977's Sin After Sin gave us many great tracks.
    • "Dissident Aggressor", a song with one of Halford's greatest screams IN THE INTRO.
    • "Sinner" had one of their best Epic Riffs.
  • 1978's Stained Class.
    • Nobody else had done anything as heavy as "Exciter" in 1978.
    • "Beyond the Realms of Death" is just beautiful. With an almost sorrowful sound, before Halford lets it rip. Not to mention the ridiculously killer guitar solos.
  • From 1979's Killing Machine: "Delivering the Goods". Not even Van Halen had performed riffs that fast!
  • British Steel: Livin' After Midnight. All about partying into the wee hours, loving til the early morning, and splitting the scene to do it all again the following night with zero regrets.
  • Point of Entry has awesome stuff in there.
    • "Heading Out to the Highway" is an excellent song for starting a road trip, as that's essentially what it's about.
    • "Hot Rockin'" really stands out. It's the perfect anthem for a night on the town — assuming, of course, that your date is a leather and spandex clad biker chick.
    • "Desert Plains". While not epic in length, it's certainly epic in feel.
  • Screaming for Vengeance:
    • "The Hellion", probably the greatest intro track of all time. Unbelievably epic.
    • Electric Eye. Halford's synthetic sounding voice adds to the awesome/creepiness of an all seeing force watching your every move.
    • "Riding on the Wind", Especially the guitar solo.
    • BLOODSTONE! The opening riff is one the grooviest Ear Worms you will ever hear in a metal song.
    • Out there is a fortune waiting to be had, if you think I'll let it go you're mad! You've Got Another Thing Comin'! There's a reason this was the biggest single from the album.
    • "Prisoner of Your Eyes" was originally going to be on Turbo, but it was cut. Luckily, it found its way on the 2001 remaster of Screaming for Vengeance and what we got was one of the most epic power ballads ever written by a metal band. Especially when the chorus kicks in.
  • Defenders of the Faith has several gems:
  • Turbo always seems to get slammed by hardcore metal fans, but it has its share of awesome:
    • "Out in the Cold". Creepy Gothic synthesizers, a slowly epic riff, and an unabashed dark romanticism make this one a winner.
    • The unabashed 'I'm better than you' of "Private Property".
    • The title track has a righteous slow build-up, until you hit the title and Halford lets it rip like he does.
  • Ram It Down has:
  • Painkiller:
  • Jugulator may be one of Priest's most divisive albums (the first of two with replacement vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens) but it is not without a rocking track or two.
    • "Bullet Train". Combine heavy lyrics, a killer drum line, face melting solo and Owens proving he's no vocal slouch, and you have the track that came within an inch of winning a Grammy.
  • Angel of Retribution, the group's big comeback album in 2005, is much better than you'd expect. Standouts:
    • "Deal With the Devil" (classic '80s-style metal, but doesn't sound dated at all).
    • "Revolution" (a lot like Queen's "We Will Rock You", but even more badass).
    • "Worth Fighting For" (a lusciously melancholy gothic cowboy/Western-style number, with a Buck Owens-like riff and Rob singing in a decent American accent; he even sounds a bit like Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots!).
    • "Hellrider" (Yes, it's a bit Narm-y, with Rob sounding kind of like the Wicked Witch of the West at some points, but it's damn near irresistible.)
  • With classic Priest-sounding tracks like "Down in Flames", "March of the Damned" and "Halls of Valhalla", Redeemer of Souls proves that there's life after K.K. Downing.