Awesome Music: Fullmetal Alchemist

    Opening & Ending Themes 
We could easily say every single opening and every single ending from both animes. Yes, they are that good. But if we get specific:
  • From the first series:
    • The very first opening to the 2003 series, "Melissa".
    • "READY STEADY GO", the first and main song [adult swim] used throughout most of its run, and the second opening overall. Zebrahead's English-language cover is pretty intense, too.
    • COOL JOKE's "Undo" as the 3rd opening is pretty amazing. It's pretty catchy, and it also fits the Elrics to a T.
    • Opening 4: Asian Kung-Fu Generation's "Rewrite". One of the best-known songs from the anime. Darling Thieves' cover of it is a whole different flavor.
    • The first ending theme song, "Kesenai Tsumi".
    • "Tobira no Mukou e", the second ending. It's especially wonderful if you look up the lyrics.
    • During the London parts of episode 50, Beethoven's fifth symphony is playing in the background, echoing the atmosphere of the animation.
    • Crystal Kay's "Motherland", the third ending theme, is very touching.
    • The fourth ending, "I Will", is strangely catchy.
    • "Link" and "LOST HEAVEN", the opening and ending themes to the Conqueror of Shamballa movie.
  • From Brotherhood:
    • The first opening theme "again", which, like "Brothers" below, is both heart-wrenching and beautiful.
    • "Hologram", the second opening, is normally really good, but being reused for the ending photo montage was possibly the best way imaginable to bring the series to a close.
    • It may not be as epic as some of the other opening themes, but "Golden Time Lover", the third opening, makes up for it through sheer catchiness.
    • CHEMISTRY gets music of awesome with "Period", the fourth opening. This is the best way to start an episode.
    • The 5th Opening "Rain" by SID is too beautiful for words. The full version of the song as well as the MIDI version are also incredibly awesome, with the MIDI doubling as Heartwarming Music, especially if you consider the meaning behind the lyrics. Special mention should probably go to the use of it in Episode 61 of Brotherhood. The episode begins with it conspicuously absent; fitting, since this is the equivalent of Chapter 104. Everyone is "dead" and Father appears to have won. It doesn't play until Hohenheim's circle activates that reverses the whole thing, returning everyone to life, and that song playing over the scene just about doubles the already-high levels of awesome and heartwarming.
    • "Uso", the first ending to Brotherhood is both catchy and touching.
    • The second ending song of Brotherhood, "LET IT OUT", is beautiful on it own, but when paired with scenes like this... Moment Of Awesome/Heartwarming. Warning: spoilers.
    • The third ending theme, "Tsunaida Te", is quite uplifting.
    • "Shunkan Sentimental". The first few chords, combined with whatever epic event ended the episode...
    • "RAY OF LIGHT", the 5th ending theme to Brotherhood.
    • The theme songs of the Brotherhood movie, The Sacred Star of Milos: "Chasing hearts" and "GOOD LUCK MY WAY".