Awesome Music / Demon's Souls

  • The music during the fight against the False King. Its sinister sound suits the challenging fight.
  • The eerie and haunting piano piece when you fight Fool's Idol. Coupled with her sinister laughters in a dark, abandoned church makes a rather creepy atmosphere.
  • The organ piece during the "fight" with Maiden Astraea fits the solemn mood perfectly.
  • The Flamelurker's theme which sounds a bit dirge like, and demonstrates the direness of the situation. Which can especially be true if you played the game in chronological order of 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, and 2-2.
  • The fight with Armored Spider's theme is high energy and high tension. Bonus points for the plucks on the stringed instruments, which evoke mental images of spiders crawling on their webs.
  • Even the character creation/load game data menu has a great theme , an ominous track foreshadowing the events to come in a way.
  • The Maiden In Black's theme sounds similar to the menu track and has the same ominous feeling. But slightly more soothing.
  • The Old Monk's waltz-like theme is another good example.