Funny / Demon's Souls

  • Backstabs with the Keel Smasher/Dragon Bone Smasher. The thing is taller than you are, wider than pretty much every humanoid enemy, and is blunt at the top. And then some enemies get back up again afterwards. The sight of it is just absurd.
  • Some item descriptions fall into this. The above-mentioned Dragon Bone Smasher's description ends with "Because of its immense weight, blacksmiths joke that it can scarcely be called a sword."
    • Which is doubly funny, because it isn't called a sword. It's the Dragon Bone Smasher, not the Dragon Bone Sword. Thus, the joke is really on those blacksmiths, because the only people calling it a sword are them.
      • It's still an ultra greatsword, though
  • Keep surviving Patches' deathtraps, and he keeps getting more flustered and disbelieving when you casually walk up to him to say hello (after he tried to murder you). The following awkwardness as he attempts to apologize or excuse his behavior is both painful and hilarious.
  • Old King Doran's death cry.
  • "Sticky White Stuff" is an item. Hehehehehe.
  • "Old Spice" is another one. One is tempted to name their character Mustafa and run around shirtless simply by virtue of this.