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  • Phalanx is the corrupted form of Long Bow Oolan, and is guarded by blobs with shields. Tower Knight is the corrupted form of the shield wielding knight of the tower, and is aided by enemies shooting arrows.
  • The weapon you get from Long Bow Oolan's black phantom form in 1-4 is a bow only otherwise found in the Shrine of Storms, the White Bow. So what was she doing in Boletaria? Reading the description of the Adjudicator's Shield states that cowardly acts were cause for the Adjudicator to eat you, so it's no wonder an archer who hid behind flunkies tried to get as far from her homeland as possible!
  • 2 of the game's Areas, the Tower of Latria, and Valley of Defilement, are stages that are always in a state of night time. Both are considered the hardest stages in game due to their respective layouts and enemy types (The former is a complicated setup of towers and prisons suspended high up in the air, where falling is easy, and there are plenty of enemies who can either fly above you or paralyze you then kill you in one hit, the latter in a toxic swamp where mobility is heavily hampered, you can get poisoned easily, and most of the enemies there move as fast as you and aren't impeded by the water like you are, while the giant defiled ones do all this and can usually kill you with a love tap), not to mention their difficult bosses. But when you think about it, that's probably why you only ever go there during the night time in the first place: imagine going to both of these locations during the day, where both you AND your enemies have a clear line of sight. Without the cover of darkness lowering visibility for everyone, you'd probably get mobbed before you even have time to explore the area, since a lot of the enemies are placed in such a way that they could bum rush you the moment they see you.
  • The late game revelation (that sorcery and miracles are the two sides of the same coin) is foreshadowed by the clothing of their representatives. The clothes Freke and Saint Urbain wear are the same robes with a different color scheme.