Awesome Music / Ace Combat

Ace Combat 2

Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies
  • "Comona", used in the game's namesake mission and the dubstep remix from Infinity.
  • "Operation Bunker Shot". Just imagine this playing while flying over a 21st Century version of the D-Day landings.
  • "Farbanti". Another great track for the given level. In this case, sacking your enemy's capital city, and dogfighting with Yellow 13 in the sunset.
  • There's also "Blockade". It gets particularly good at around 2:38.
  • "Megalith - Agnus Dei". The first track in the series to use Ominous Latin Chanting was used in the final level where the world was about to end, Deep Impact style.
    • Especially when the intro is included.
    • Now, all themes heard during the mission are included in one video complete with lyrics in Latin and English translations.
  • "ISAF" is powerfully rousing stuff.
  • Two briefing tracks. "Operation" to start off, and later "Second Strike" after the destruction of the Stonehenge railgun network.
  • "Escort". The final part is especially awesome.
  • "Emancipation" is quite calming, but when the bell strikes, it invokes a feeling of uncertainty. In later part (about 3:18), it turns into an awesome rousing theme.
  • "Whiskey Corridor" cannot go by without a mention, especially not with what starts at 2:50.
  • "Stonehenge Attack". Made doubly terrifying when you hurry to obey the sudden order to drop altitude, not knowing why it was given, and watch as half your allies get blasted out of the sky above you.
  • Breaking Arrows and Breaking Arrows 2. The tension instilled by the music as you race against the missiles will give you the chills. Especially the last (nuclear) one.
  • Mobius. Get your plane, listen to the base commander give a Rousing Speech, and go destroy the Megalith.

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
  • "Hrimfaxi". A reprise of the music from the earlier Scinfaxi fight, but with some insane electric guitar thrown in for effect.
  • "Supercircus". Absolutely perfect for the scene it's pulled on: in the middle of safe territory, the four of you suddenly get Zerg Rushed by 50+ Yuktobanian fighters and what was supposed to be a simple ceremonial flight quickly devolves into a nerve-wracking dogfight for your lives while waiting for reinforcements that turn back and jam the airwaves once halfway there.
  • "Wings of Unity".
  • "Dead Ahead". Perfect music for hurtling at the speed of sound down a long dark tunnel, and no choice to go forward.
  • "First Flight". Yuktobania launches a massive raid on your base, but the Four Wings of Sand Island launch for the first time, and utterly curbstomp the Yukes. It's also an orchestral arrangement of "Blockade" from Ace Combat 4. It speaks volumes that a series with so much awesome music thought this song was worth reusing.
  • "The Unsung War". Latin chanting of the legend of the main characters, with sweeping orchestral music wins it every time.
  • "Winter Storm". A sort of prologue to "Unsung War", also deserves mention. It is New Year's Eve 2010. Millions of lives hang in the balance; while the war is over, one final mission remains: to stop a massive orbital railgun equipped with a nuclear superweapon, from falling on the capital and causing untold devastation.
  • "Ice Cage". Totally sounds like a You Shall Not Pass moment.
  • "Into the Dusk". A more somber piano version of "The Unsung War".
  • "15 Years Ago". Another piano version that you normally hear during Nagase's and Gennette's musings on the Belkan war, but also plays during the final mission if you beat the enemy planes quick enough. This song, along with the ordinarily sappy dialogue, makes those two minutes leading up the SOLG assault practically into a CMOH/Tear Jerker.
  • "Unsung Heroes". A short, yet still magnificent piece, truly befitting your final victory.
  • "The Journey Home". A Tear Jerker, with or without words. If you think this version is powerful, try imagining it being sung by pilots and soldiers from BOTH side of the conflict as they join together and rush forward to stop the true mastermind.
  • "Closure". Apparently, it's an easy-to-miss song.
  • "Lit Fuse". It gets better with every second. A massive Osean ground assault on a Yuktobanian beach,
  • "Briefing2". One of the best pre-battle tracks in any video game.
  • "Razgriz". Listen to this song and tell us you don't want to stand and salute.
  • "President Harling". It may only be just over a minute long, but the last fifteen seconds are truly awesome.
  • "Grabacr". Similar tracks include "Mask" and the apparently unused "8492," which together form a sort of ad-hoc Leitmotif.
  • "White Bird (Part II)". A theme befitting a giant, majestic Space Plane.
  • It might be due to the kick ass trailer, but "Blurry", which appears in the intro and game, is pretty awesome as a Real World Theme Tune.

Ace Combat Zero
  • "Glacial Skies". That crescendo though. You can practically feel the icy wind on your face, as there's not a warm instrument to be heard, all shimmering violins, cymbals, and castanets, and even the guitar is razor-thin. Gorgeous.
  • "Flicker of Hope".
  • "Diapason". A rousing, uplifting piece that plays as the player flies in the skies over the capital city of their homeland, pushing the Belkans and liberating the city.
  • "Glatisant". The beat gives it an ominous feel as you enter your enemy's home country.
  • "Excalibur", the heavy and medieval-esque movement that plays while trying to launch an attack on the superlaser tower that can cut you from miles away.
  • "Contact" is absolutely fantastic. It fits the incredibly frantic dogfight against the ace squadron at B 7 R so well.
    • "B7R", from the same mission, is also awesome.
  • "Merlon", or "How to Make Your Guitar Sound Like a Harp."
  • "Mayhem". Possibly the best non-boss track in the whole series.
  • "The Stage of Apocalypse".
  • "Briefing II". Tetsukazu Nakanishi should be scoring Cold War films.
  • "The Final Overture".
  • "The Round Table".
  • "The Demon of the Round Table." Brilliantly illustrates the theme of corruption.
  • "The Valley Of Kings" perfectly portrays the feeling that you're going to the enemy base to finish them off once and for all... somehow.
  • "Avalon". The enemy is preparing to launch nuclear missiles, you have limited time to stop the launch AND you have to fly throught a tunnel to stop it. The first part of the song catches the tension of the moment, but the second part gives a heroic feeling.
  • "Zero". This is perhaps Keiki Kobayashi's magnum opus. It is incredible. A final battle between two former friends on December 31st. The fate of the world hangs in the balance and it is up to the player to stop untold devastation.
    • This 8-bits remix is as awesome as the original.
    • Even better, someone made an 11 minutes long, digitally remastered HD-quality version. Here it is.
  • "Galm 2/Epilogue".
  • "Ending Credits".

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

Ace Combat: Joint Assault

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy
  • "Fighter's Honor (Flying Remix)". The first mission theme.
  • "Trickster's Delight".
  • "Gravity". The Ending Theme with some pretty cheesy, yet absolutely epic lyrics, serving as an extended Badass Boast in honour of Scarface One. note 
  • "Fighter's Honor". It's been an established tradition for Ace Combat protagonists to get an awesome orchestral song singing their praises for the final battle, and now Scarface One gets his own.
  • "Sound Embrace". Quite possibly one of the most moving pieces in the game.
  • Every ace squadron gets its own Leitmotifs:
    • "Skyburn", Lancer Squadron's theme, and sure to bring back fond memories for Zero veterans.
    • "Grey Wolf", Beast Squadron's theme. Absolutely ferocious.
    • "Locked", Cocoon Squadron's theme; a fast-paced rap number meant to rival Assault Horizon's "Gotta Stay Fly". note 
    • "On the Verge", Albireo Squadron's theme; a hard rock/thrash metal tune fit for the rebel's top fighter squadron.
    • "Zone of Endless", Z.O.E's first of three themes, and the one used most often.

Ace Combat: Infinity
  • Despite Ace Combat Infinity reusing many great tracks throughout the Ace Combat Series, it also has a fair share of remakes that are well enjoyed, including:

  • This acoustic medley of selected tracks from across the series, finishing with a duet of the theme song of Zero. It truly must be heard to be believed.