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Heartwarming: Ace Combat
  • In Ace Combat 04, the same song always plays while selecting your plane and weapons in the hanger bay... except on the final mission of the game. The music is changed and you can hear a voice over the intercom talking about how even though the ISAF nations are of different nations, they all fought and died together and will finally win the war together.
  • If one kills Ofnir and Grabacr with time left to spare in the last mission of 5, your wingmen will say exactly why they fought and how they enjoyed being your wingmen. Better than it sounds by far.
  • Also from 5, during the start of the final mission "Aces," various squads of pilots from both Yuktobania and Osea come to help you, all while singing the anti-war song as they approach the control center for the SOLG.
    • Even better: When Hamilton shows up and gets every enemy going after you, all the friendly Osean and Yuke squadrons back you up without missing a beat.
    Osean Squadron: "We'll protect them!"
    Yuke Squadron: "We're with you!"
  • In Ace Combat 6, during one mission, on the verge of court martial, you and your disgraced wingman destroy a WMD stockpile and are ambushed by over fifty enemy fighters, with no hope of survival. And then every single allied squadron shows up to help you.
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