Awesome / Zombies, Run!

  • Your first mission in Season Two is full of this. It has you run along a narrow walkaway on a highrise roof and leap across a six foot gap to the next building. Which is a story lower than the one you jumped off of. AND YOU MAKE IT. Nadia and Sam also get a heaping of it because all their dialogue in the mission is an act. All their panic, all their worry and concern. Everything was totally under control, and it was all a ruse to catch zombies from the man who was controlling them. BOOM.
  • Sam's massive What the Hell, Hero? to Nadia is awesome, heartwarming and pretty damn sexy.
  • Major de Santa's speech at the end of mission 20.
  • After months of torment, pain, and death, you finally get to have your revenge against Van Ark. How do you do this? By shooting down his helicopter with a rocket launcher.
  • In the season 4 mission In Da Club, Paula says the Shema while turning into a zombie.
  • In season 2 episode 31 Van Ark has caught Maxine and is about to inject her with the same zombie serum he used to keep Paula under his thumb. Not only does Runner 5 sprint up and tackle him off her, but they get him in the throat with a kitchen knife brutally enough that Sam has a borderline Squick reaction. Unfortunately, it turns out Van Ark can regenerate, but it just goes to show that you donít mess with Runner 5ís friends.