Heartwarming / Zombies, Run!

  • The ending of Alternates. After breaking down in tears whilst listening to her girlfriend's last words to her (on tape), Maxine stays behind in the radio shack to listen to the tapes again. Sam stays with her to comfort her.
  • The Radio Segment (and its follow-ups) Committed to Your Entertainment crosses into Funny, Heartwarming and mild Tearjerker territory all at once. Eugine's in the hospital ("due to some digestive issues"), so Jack has to run the show by himself. Even though he tries to keep cracking jokes (extremely bad ones at that), you can hear how worried he is about his boyfriend. It's more touching than it sounds on paper.
    • During Abel Minds, Jack and Eugene go around asking the people of Abel questions. The first question is "What are you thankful for?" Many are heartwarming (Runner Four says she's thanking for Abel and the sense of community it encourages; Maxine's thankful that they're able to help people), one is practical (Runner Eight is thankful for the farmhouse walls), but Sam's takes the cake for a bit of Mood Whiplash. At first, it's funny. He says, without hesitation, Marmite, says he's joking, then after a moment says, "Yeah, no, I'm serious, Marmite." But he comes back later and admits, sounding as if he's surprised he's even saying it, Janine. He's thankful for Janine, and how she talks about the future: as if it's something attainable. Given how often they argue in the comm center, it doubles as a Momentof Heartwarming and something of a Ship Tease.
  • The beginning of "Back to School," when Sam tells Maxine that "Runner Five is always ready." It's not much when taken out of context, but it's a sweet extension of the loyalty and friendship he displays throughout "A Voice in the Darkness."
  • The reveal of the name Maxine, Paula, and Sam chose for their baby at the end of "Grown Ups".
    Sam: Sara. We're gonna call her Sara.
    • Even more so when Janine cries.