YMMV / Zombies, Run!

  • Heartwarming Moments: After Maxine listens to the CD her girlfriend recorded, Sam makes up excuses so that she can spend some time calming down. Then he stays with her when she listens to it again.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Occurs regularly during the entire "Lost Child" mission. Can we please just leave Molly to be eaten by the zombies? Dear God.
    • And it's even worse with Carena in season two. "JAMIEEEEE!!!"
  • Nightmare Fuel: Despite its usually lighthearted tone, the game is still set during the Zombie Apocalypse and has it's fair share of nightmarish scenes.
    • A late season one radio mission features a guest reflecting on how his more technically-minded friends set up a series of automated traps in their base to ward off zombies. The last one on the list was an electric plate that would fry anything that stood on it. He then goes on to describe in great detail the sight and smell of seeing their corpses floating in the building, as the roof leaked the first time it rained and electrocuted them all in their sleep.
    • A former designer for a video game talks about how Left 4 Dead provided his friends with enough knowledge of teamwork to survive the trip to Abel - aside from the friend who injected himself with adrenaline and suffered a heart attack. The thought that gameplay cliches could cause unnecessary deaths is a very real and frightening thought.
    • Undead Children are a common occurrence within the game world. Janine may warn the player of a whole swarm of them during a Tech Supply Run.
  • Paranoia Fuel:
    • Any moment when a zombie horde occurs (But only when you're using the GPS mode).
    • People just coughing. After hearing characters turn in game a friend with a cold really does hell on your nerves.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The Margaret Atwood cameo. Oh holy hell. At first, it's just terrible: Stilted, amateurishly delivered dialogue without a hint of emotion. By the end of it, it's practically a parody of bad cameo performances, right down to clearly read off the page for the first time sentences and the writing team furiously trying to save it by sheer quality and a subversion. It's just atrocious.
  • Self-Insert Fic: The two most popular ships are Jack/Eugene and Sam/Five. Because Runner Five is deliberately, explicitly, and canonically a self-insert (a Featureless Protagonist) Sam/Five fics are inherently this way. It gets weird sometimes: Are you shipping you with Sam, or me with Sam?